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2024 URA membership numbers 

Click here to vote on 2023 Year End Awards, (Rodeo of the Year, Best New Rodeo, Best Ground, Stock of the Year) All members are encouraged to vote. You must vote by Nov. 1st. 

Here is all the finals information that you need. Click Here 

Finals will have $5,000 added per event along with the incentive money in each event. Fees are $270 per event ($285 if you pay by paypal to Fees are due by Oct. 31st into the office: 1629 140th Road, Yates Center, KS  66783. 

Incentive Fund for 2023:

 Bareback  $304.00 Saddle Broncs: $546.00 BullRiding: $1,524.00 Calf Roping: $1,796.00

Forty & Over: $1,038.00 Breakaway: $3,344.00 Barrel Racing: $3,852.00 Steer Wrestling: $672.00

Team Roping Heading: $2,846.00 Team Roping Heeling: $2,846.00

Stalls will be paid for from the facility and information will be posted as soon as we get that information.

Click here to enter finals by Oct. 23rd or call in Oct. 23rd from 6pm-9pm. If you enter online there is no need to call in. 

2023 Judging Clinic: Nov. 4th at 9 am at Topeka. There is also a judging clinic at the MRCA finals, Oct. 21st following their general membership meeting that begins at 9am. Either clinic will count for the 2024 URA year. 

NOTICE:  Only the competitor and the one on deck will be allowed in the arena. If the judge or arena director asks you to leave and you choose not to leave you will be fined $100. 
Sept. 2023 Newsletter 

July 2023 Newsletter 

June 2023 newsletter

Check out the article on the Finals by Staff Writer, Laura Pittman. 

2022 Finals Program

Check out the 2022 Finals Program that will update automatically when times and scores are recorded.

Judging Clinic, Saturday, Nov. 5, 2022 at 9am at Domer Arena, Topeka, KS


slack) that add $500 or more in all events, may have their entries at least three (3) days

prior to other rodeos with conflicting dates. If contractor or committee desires, rodeo

entries may be drawn for performances, in order to fill all performances.  Contestants

will be allowed to trade during designated time following the draw for performance. 

Number of entries needed to fill an event and/or performance may be designated by the

contractor/committee, with a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of twelve (12) entries

being considered a “full performance” in all timed events (Open and O40 will be counted

together when determining a “full performance”).  Contestants will be allowed to buddy

at least four contestants, and up to two in each event, if entries are drawn. 

Submitted by David Kenyon. PASSED

The following rule proposals are submitted by the Board of Directors. 

Host Hotels: We have two host hotels this year. The one at the arena only has king rooms available. You can reserve your room online at  or call 800-579-7937 and use the code URAF23. The other hotel Ramanda Inn Downtown  includes a free breakfast Call 785-234-5400 Reference United Rodeo Associaiton.           

Check out this story by our staff writer, Laura Pittman: Click Here She wrote a great article on our President, Jeanette Jilek.

Shelbyville, MO rodeo for April has been cancelled. 

Click here for the March 2022 Newsletter 

Attention all judges: There will be an IRCA judging clinic on April 3rd at Winterset, IA that will count for the URA and then on April 23rd the URA will be hosting a hands on clinic at Harwood, MO. For information on the April 3rd clinic contact the IRCA judging director, Darin Wing at 515-321-2418. 

Sign up for the April 23rd clinic here The clinic will start at 10am. Please come even if you don't sign up, this will just give us a better idea of who might be coming. 

2021 News

Rule Changes Results: 

1.  Judging and Judging methods - change: Minimum pay for judges will be $125 per judge, per performance, plus the judge's fee of three dollars ($3) per contestant entry, (each partner in the team roping being defined as a contestant in this case), split between the two judges. Submitted by David Kenyon. Passed

2.  Breakaway Roping Rules #17

Current rule: Women, and boys who are fourteen and under, may enter Breakaway Roping. The age as of January 1st of the competition year will determine the official age for boys.

Delete “and boys who are fourteen and under and The age as of January 1st of the competition year will determine the official age for boys.”   Submitted by Kim Spurgin. Amended to have the rule read "boys who are thirteen and under".  







Submitted by Justin Morehouse, Steer Wrestling Director. Passed 



Proposed Rule:  Failed


Current Rule Reads:

3.        To gain approval, a contractor must submit an approval form to the U.R.A. Secretary at least 45 days prior to the first performance of that rodeo. All conditions regarding entries and special conditions such as slack or go-rounds must be included on the approval form.

A.       Two hundred dollars ($200) must be added in each standard event and in each end (heading and heeling)

of the team roping. (Winter rodeos are excluded from this requirement).

B.       Standard events are as follows: Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Bull Riding, Calf Roping, 40 and

Over Calf Roping, Breakaway Roping, Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing, and Dally Team Roping.

4.        The added money rule may be waived at winter  rodeos at

the option of the committee, with winter rodeos defined as those held from November 1 to April 30. Winter rodeos must feature at least one hundred dollars ($100) in the ten (10) standard events




3. C. Events to be sanctioned by the United Rodeo Association may not include all standard events. These shall be called Stand Alone Events.


3. C.1. Stand Alone Events must meet a requirement of $2,000 added money per the rodeo event (competition) being offered at the Stand Alone Event and will not be limited to a number of rodeo events (competition) to be hosted.


3. C.2. Stand Alone Events will follow in accordance with the United Rodeo Association Rule book specific to rodeo events (competition) to be hosted. Including personnel, rules, approval, contractors, and subcontractors.

         3.C.2.I. At Stand ALone Events entries will be accepted from non-URA card holding members for a $25 fee that will go back to the United Rodeo Association. 


3. C.3. Money won shall count towards event standings within the United Rodeo Association, however money won at Stand Alone Events shall not count towards the All- Around.


3. C.4. Stand Alone events cannot replace existing rodeos entirely. 


3. C.5. Stand Alone Events will not count towards Stock Contractors qualifications for the United Rodeo Association Finals. Stock Contractors must still follow protocol to be eligible for the United Rodeo Association Finals.



1) By adding Stand Alone Events, we will not only maintain current membership but grow the member base of the United Rodeo Association. This rule will allow new members of any event who may not have previously bought their card the opportunity to do so, compete at URA events, and compete at the finals. These events will make the United Rodeo Association better by bringing more money into not only the association but make the competition better at the finals.

2) More competitions means more money for the competitor. The cowboys and cowgirls will have a chance at more money during the regular season. The added money specific to the event being produced brings in the same amount to the association, therefore there is no way this shall harm any existing events already being produced.

3) The money won at these events will not count towards the All- Around standings, therefore that race or title will not be altered by having these events.

4) As the numbers are on a steady decline in the roughstock, these stand alone events could help gain these competitors as URA cardholders and make the URA finals a better competition.





Submitted By: Cody Crim - 2021 Saddle Bronc Riding Director. Failed

Board of Directors to be elected:  President, Bareback Riding, Bull Riding, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Stock Contractor.   Directors elected: President: Jeanette Jilek; Bareback: Ty Blessing; Bull Riding, Cody Herrick; Steer Wrestling, Justin Morehouse; Team Roping, Jeff Gray; Barrel Racing, Stacey Oney; Stock Contractor, Chuck McKellips.


Entries are open for URA finals. If you plan to attend you must enter online by Oct. 13th or call in Oct. 13th. 

Everyone who has a membership is encouraged to vote for rodeo of the year and stock of the year in events that they participate in:    Vote HERE 

HOST HOTEL for finals is Hotel Topeka right on the grounds of where the rodeo is. There is an indoor pool. To make reservations:They can be booked using the below link or calling the hotel at 785-431-7200 and referencing code URAF. All reservations must be made by Oct. 20th to get the URA rate.

Check out the Hotel here. 

Any rule change suggestions have to be into the URA office by Sept. 27th in order to be considered at the meeting during finals. Remember all suggestions have to be signed by 10 card holders. Send them to URA 1629 140th Road, Yates Center, KS  66783 or email to:

Officers to be elected at finals are: President, Bareback Director, Bullriding Director, Steer Wrestling Director, Team Roping Director, Barrel Racing Director (to fill out one year), Stock Contractor Director. Be thinking of who can represent you on the board. Contact your directors if you have any sponsors to help out with the 2021 finals.

2021 URA Rulebook 

Your Directors:

President: Jeanette Jilek                                               Vice-President: Monty Dyer

Bareback Riding: Matt McKay                                     Saddle Bronc Riding: Cody Crim

Bull Riding: Cody Herrick                                             Calf Roping: Wade Perry

Forty & Over Calf Roping:  Eric Critten                      Breakaway Roping: Danni Clover

Barrel Racing: Jessica Travis                                        Steer Wrestling: Justin Moorehouse

Team Roping:  Cooper Bruce                                      Judging Director: 

Stock Contractor Director: Chuck McKellips

The website is undergoing some changes so please be patient while we work through the updates.

2020 News

Rule Changes passed at 2020 finals

1.  Presently in team roping:  Each contestant will be allowed to carry but one rope. At a one-header, two loops only may be used. At a two-header that also pays an average, team may use three loops on the first run; but on the second, if out of the average, only two loops may be used. If the team is still in the average, three loops may be used. Proposed change delete: At a two-header that also pays an average, team may use three loops on the first run; but on the second, if out of the average, only two loops may be used. If the team is still in the average, three loops may be used. Submitted by the board

2. For the Finals Rodeo, timed event contestants will vote for a flag judge and rough stock will vote for two rough stock judges. If three judges are chosen, both rough stock judges will work the line. This is how voting has been done, but the rule read timed event contestants vote for a barrier and a flag judge and rough stock votes for two rough stock judges. Submitted by the board.

3. Change Barrels should be raked or the ground worked after each 15th barrel racer to read that ground worked after each 12th barrel racer. Submitted by Jessica Travis

Directors to be elected are: Vice-President, Saddle Bronc Riding, Calf Roping, Over 40 Calf Roping, Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing and Judging. Remember that the person nominated has to be in attendance or have sent a signed letter saying they accept the nomination per the rulebook.

All calves that will be at URA finals will be roped at Drexel, MO jackpot Sunday, Nov. 1st. Contact Cole Wilson for information 620-228-1488

Team Roping Cattle will be run through Thursday Night, Nov. 5th at the Double J Arena. 

Everyone who holds a membership is encouraged to vote for year end awards. You can vote online: click here to vote

Vote for rodeo of the Year and stock in the events you participated in during 2020. 

Finals are Nov. 6-8 in Humansville, MO at the Double J Arena. 

Entries are now open for finals. Click here to enter finals

Everyone in the top twenty needs to enter, we will take the top 15 but if some in the top 15 are not coming we will go down the list according to who has entered.

Fees are $250 with you getting $20 of that back when you attend the meeting on Saturday. $200 goes into the payoff along with the added money. 

Perfs:  Friday. 7pm,  Saturday 7pm, Sunday 11am with awards to follow.

Stalls are $30 and each timed event contestant gets one free stall. After that you have to pay the $30. Just include the $30 in your fees and we will get you on the list for another stall.

Congratulations to the finals personnel for 2020:

Announcer:  Charlie McKellips

Secretary: Regan McKellips

Timers:  Chris Berry & Niki Dowell

Funnyman: Seth Rice

Rough Stock Judges: E. J. McKellips & Bret Griffin

Flagman: Randy Littrell

Pick up Men:  Jake McKellips & Zach Livingston

Bullfighters: Dakota Trofholz & Tyler Simpson

The URA will be holding their finals this year Nov. 6-8 at the Double J arena at Humansville, MO. The board of directors met and decided that having a finals was very important to all of our members. The move to Humansville was made due to the constent changes going on in Topeka. We are very pleased that the Double J arena is welcoming the URA for this year. 

 With the change of venue if any of you have ideas of sponsors to help out please let the office or your directors know. If we all work together we can make this year still be a great year for the URA and hope to see you all in Humansville for a great finals.

2020 Finals Incentive Fund

Keep watching the schedule page for all the latest information about rodeos. Your directors are working hard to make rodeos happen and remember our committees and contractors don't want to cancel but some things are out of their control. We truly appreciate all of our contractors and committees and hold a fondness for our rodeo towns. If we can't come to your town this year we will look forward to coming back again in 2021.

Exciting news for URA members your board and stock contractors have been working throughout this down time and they want to announce that the URA is nominating all URA first approved rodeos with the WCRA. Check out their website to see how this works. Just wanted to let you know that the URA board and stock contractors are working to give all our contestants the best rodeo year ever.

Check out the WCRA

Turk Cooper Obituary 

Duane "Turk" Cooper

Duane, known to friends as “Turk”, passed away on Dec. 6, 2019, at the age of 62.A native of Winterset, Turk spent his days delivering smiles through his well known story telling abilities. He was a familiar staple in the rodeo community, winning saddle bronc and bull riding events throughout the Midwest. Turk finished his career as a bull fighter and rodeo clown, but never stopped being a friend and mentor to anyone he encountered. He loved the outdoors, slow pitch softball, and most of all, his family.He is survived by his sons, Tyler (Tara), Tucker (Ashlee), Dalton (Kristen) and Ceaton (Meaghan); and four grandchildren (with another on the way).A Celebration of Turk’s life will be held Saturday, Dec. 14, from 1-5 p.m. in the Winterset Heartland Building (upstairs).

Past Champion Tim Taylor passed away and here is the information from the funeral home. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

2019 URA finals information:

Nov. 1-3, Topeka, KS

Enter online or call in on Oct. 14th. Fees of $270 due into the office by Oct. 25th. If you are in the top fifteen and not coming please let the office know so the next person can make plans.

Also if you are a college or high school athlete that needs special consideration please let the office know as soon as possible. 

Tickets for finals are available at the gate for $12 for adults or you can get a wristband for $30 for the entire weekend.

General Membership meeting will be 9am on Saturday, Nov. 2nd. 

Judging Clinic will begin on Saturday, Nov. 2nd at 11am. Make plans to attend the meeting and the judging clinic.

Enter finals with this link and you don't have to call in on Oct. 14th. 2019 Finals Entry Form

Finals letters will go out Oct. 4th, but get a jump on it and enter online now then you won't need to call in to enter finals.

September, 2019 Newsletter


Host Hotel for finals is the Capital

Plaza right there on the expo

center grounds. Call now to

reserve your room (800) 579-

7937, or Locally at (785) 431-

7200. Just refer to Group Code

URA19 for the group's discounted

room rate.

Reservations have to be made by

Oct. 14th.

2019 Finals Incentive fund by events

Obituary for Ron McGee

Sympathy is extended to the family of Tary Huff who lost his battle with cancer on April 16th.  Prayers and thoughts to his family.

Tary Eugene Huff, age 65, of Moravia, Iowa, passed away Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at his home surrounded by his family. 

Tary was born on August 22, 1953 in Centerville, Iowa, the son of Harold Eugene “Gene” and Doris Gayle (Sandeen) Huff.  He graduated from Moravia High School.  Tary was united in marriage to Pamela Robinson on March 3, 1973 in Moravia, Iowa.  To this union, three children were born, Jason, Tara and Wes.

Tary was a farmer his entire life.  In his earlier years, he took motorcycle trips with his family and friends throughout the United States.  His hobby and favorite place to vacation was going to a Rodeo. His children and grandchildren were the light of his life.

Left to honor Tary’s memory are his wife, Pam Huff of Moravia; his children, Jason (Johnna) Huff of Moravia, Tara (Guy Jr.) Sample of Albia, and Wes Huff of Moravia; his aunt, Eva May Wallace of Ankeny; his siblings, John (Aleatha) Huff of Harvey, Iowa and Steve (Kathie) Huff of Florida; nine grandchildren, Luke (Fiancé Kate) Huff, Jake Huff, Chace Hamilton, Cole Hamilton, Trey Sample, Guy Sample III, Gus Sample, Hailey Huff, and Hanna Huff; a brother in law, Donnie (Connie) Robinson; and four sisters in law, Janice (Dave) McDonough, Bonnie Robinson, Tammy (Bill) Robinson and Barbara Perkins.

Tary was preceded in death by his parents, Gene and Gayle Huff; his paternal grandparents, Harold “Happy” and Dollie Huff; his maternal grandparents, Hazel “Ma” and Fred Sandeen; several aunts, uncles, and cousins; his in-laws, DeWayne and Edra Robinson; two brothers in law, Butch Robinson and Craig Robinson; as well as his very special Rodeo friend, Joe Soukup.

Funeral services will be held at 10:30AM, Saturday, April 20, 2019 at Lange Funeral Home in Moravia with Pastor Dan Hubbard officiating.  Burial will follow the service at Hillcrest Cemetery in Moravia.  A Visitation will take place, Friday, April 19, 2019 at Lange Funeral Home in Moravia, with the family greeting friends from 5:00PM-7:00PM.  Memorials may be made out to Pam Huff, to be determined at a later date, and may be dropped off or mailed to Lange Funeral Home and Crematory, 1900 South 18th Street, Centerville, Iowa 52544.  Condolences may be shared online at

Feb/March 2019 Newsletter

Rule Change Proposals to be voted on at the general membership meeting on Saturday, Nov. 3rdat 10am at URA finals rodeo


1.    Change the rule: Rodeos may be co-approved with any association which the U.R.A. has a co-sanction agreement with the 6% percent being evenly distributed between associations. Presently the 6% is split between the two associations and the Stock Contractor is responsible for money paid to the third association. Submitted by Mariah Locke  Failed


2.  Change the timeline for drawing out of a rodeo. Presently the rule reads: Contestants may draw out anytime within 24 hours after the books close; Proposed change: To draw out of a rodeo with doctors or (GBR) vet release. 

   A. If call in is more than 5 days before first performance of a rodeo contestant has up to 96 hours (4 days) before first performance to draw out.

B. If call in is 5 days or less before first performance contestant must draw out within 24 hours of call in closing time. 

Submitted by Board of Directors   Passed


3.  Delete rule #4 in breakaway roping and replace it with: The only legal catch in Breakaway Roping is a bell collar catch. A bell collar catch is defined as the rope being above the knees, behind the head, and in front of the tailbone. (or flanks)

Submitted by Danni Clover  Passed


4.  Only to be discussed if rule proposals #3 passes:  There must be a spotter placed on the opposite side of the arena from the flagger, for every run, to assist in determining legal catches in the Breakaway. No spotter will result in a fine. 

Submitted by Danni Clover  Passed


5. If a judge does not abide by association rules they will be fined $100 first offense and $200 thereafter.  Submitted by Jeff Gray  Passed


October 2018 Newsletter

2018 Finals Contestants Letter

Congratulations to 2018 Finals Personnel:

Announcer: Charlie McKellips

Judges: Randy Littrell, Bret Griffin & Todd Crase

Pickup Men: Jake McKellips & Mike Flattery

Bullfighters: Dakota Trofholz & Kale Triplett

Secretary: Regan McKellips

Timers: Tenysa Handrock & Mariah Locke

Funny Man: Todd Pettigrew

Photographer: Stephanie Batman Inspired by RJ

Click below for the finals personnel application, they are due into the URA office by July 31st.

2018 Finals Personnel Application

June 2018 Newsletter

Attention Judging Clinic: Sunday, May 20th at 4pm at the Sports Page in Winterset, IA. Contact Randy Littrell for more information: 660-988-8438.

Feb. 2018 Newsletter

Rule Changes that passed.

Rule Changes that passed at the general membership meeting.

1. Rough stock events- BB, SB and BR Make it so that it is up to the stock contractor to enter twice in these events. No matter the amount of Added money.

 2. Add to barrel racing payoff – Pay 10 places when there are 71 or more entries. Pay breakdown percentage is: 25/20/15/11/9/6/5/4/3/2.

 3. Add to General Rodeo Rules – No feeding livestock within 10 feet of any barrel stakes, roping box, or bucking chute.

4. Add to General Rodeo Rules – No keeping any horses (i.e. judge’s horse) in the roping boxes during any part of the rodeo or slack.

5. General Timed Event Rules – It is not the contestants’ responsibility to make sure they compete on the correct head of stock.

 6. Team roping will be enter once only and add $25 to the entry fee.

7. Rodeo entries may be taken online but there must be a timed period where entries are taken by phone.

2018 Judges Clinic will be held at the URA finals on Saturday, Nov. 4th at 10am. Plan to attend in order to be an approved judge for the URA for 2018.

October, 2017 newsletter

2017 Finals Letter for Contestants

July 2017 Newsletter

2017 URA Rulebook

Non-Member Waiver

The URA family sends thoughts and prayers out to Doug Hazelbaker's family after he lost his battle with cancer early today. Doug and Jana are many-time URA Finals qualifiers, and Doug placed in a round of the Over 40 Calf Roping at the 2016 URA Finals. Arrangements are being handled by Cheney-Witt Funeral Home of Fort Scott and a complete obituary is available on their website.

April Newsletter

FORTY AND OVER CALF ROPERS: Note that at IRCA first approved rodeos you can now enter the open and the over forty at the same rodeo.


Check out the new website for Outlaw Rodeo Productions.

December 2016 newsletter

RULE CHANGES THAT PASSED!! 1. Dally Team Roping Rules - 19. Change to: The steers body must change directions and be in tow before the heel loop can reach the steer. However, if the steer stops it must only be moving forward for the heel loop to reach the steer. Any heel loop reaching the steer in the switch will be considered a cross fire and flagged out by the field judge following completion of the run and agreement by both the field judge and line judge.

2. Conflict due to qualification for progressive go-round, "shoot-out" round or finals. A contestant who qualifies for a progressive go-round, "shoot-out" round or finals, resulting in a conflict with another URA approved rodeo, at which he/she has not yet competed, may request that the stock contractor draw him/her out of the conflicting rodeo, without penalty. This notification must be made no later than prior to the stock draw of his/her scheduled competition at the conflicting rodeo.

3. At rodeos with $500 or more added in each of the rough stock and steer wrestling events, The stock contractor has the option to allow (not mandatory) rough stock and steer wrestling to enter twice. All money won will count towards year end event standings, only the highest placing will count in the all around standings. This will not be a two header situation. Riders will be allowed to enter twice but not made mandatory. Points will be kept separate so a cowboy could win first and second at the same rodeo. This will be per event at the stock contractors discretion and must be listed on the approval form and listed ahead of time.

4. Increase the stock charge at all rodeos to $16.00.

5. Allow College and High School rodeo members to compete on two head of stock on the same night at the URA finals if competing at a sanctioned college or high school rodeo or other state sanctioned event that conflicts with the finals.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Bill Edwards who passed away on Oct. 26th. Obituary for Bill Edwards

Don't forget everyone who is a member is encouraged to vote for rodeo of the year and stock of the year. Click here for a ballot. Email to or mail to 1629 140th Road, Yates Center, KS 66783. Due by Oct. 28, 2016.

Host Hotel: The host hotel this year is the Capital Plaza right on the expo grounds.. You

can call the hotel at: 1-785- 431-7200 to make reservations. The URA rate is only $74 per

night rooms are going fast, so call today and make your reservation.

Finals Letter Here

Note: Sweet Springs, MO has cancelled their rodeo for 2016, they plan to come back strong in 2017. Please help spread the word. The last rodeo for the 2016 season before finals will be Pacific, MO, Sept. 30-Oct. 1st.

Finals personnel ballots have been sent out to everyone who was in the top twenty as of Aug. 1st. Remember you must return your ballot in order to compete at finals. Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns. All ballots are due back into the office by Sept. 3rd!!!


July URA newsletter. Check this out as many call in dates and times have changed from the last newsletter.

2016 Finals Personnel Application

Lenox, IA will be a shoot out rodeo this year:

Here is the information:



JULY 21-22, 2016; 7:30; “ Shoot Out” JULY 23, 2016; 7:30PM  

Call in Date:  TUESDAY JULY 12, 2016; RS, SW, CR, BAR, O/40  3:00PM -5:00PM; TR, GBR 5:00PM-7:00PM

Phone: 641-766-6401; Emergency Phone: 641-766-6401 or 641-414-0077 (This # not to be used for call in entry)

Non Cardholders CASH ONLY; Entry Fee plus $10   CALL IN: 7:00 -8:00PM

Extra $20 “Shoot Out Fee” Added to the entry fee.  All contestants have the chance

For returning Sunday for the “Shoot Out”




A $20 fee will be collected from each contestant Thrusday & Friday night.  This fee minus $2 judge fee* will go with

the added money for the payoff.  Each event will pay 2 places.  All points will count towards standings.

The top contestants will be responsible for calling back to confirm Saturday entry. Shoot out Qualifiers will be posted on  and Wright Rodeo Company Facebook page after the Friday night performance. We will take call backs for 2 Hours (No Exceptions) Saturday July 23 8:00am – 10:00am.  If one or more of the top contestants is unable to return on Saturday or fails to call back, the next place contestant(s) will be moved up.  Rough stock riders will be invited back per judge’s scores if there are not enough rides.

Call Back Phone Numbers: 641-766-6401 & 641-414-0077.  Do not call any other family phone.

6 Bareback, 6 Saddle Bronc, 8 Bull Riders, 10 Calf Ropers, 10 Over Forty Ropers, 10 Breakaway Ropers, 10 Steer Wrestlers, 10 Teams, & 10 Barrel Racers will be invited back.

There will be a Celebration of Life at Odessa, MO on Saturday, June 18th from 2:30-5:30 at the community building next to the arena. Everyone is invited to come and share memories and stories about Larry.

The rodeo world lost a great man this week. Here is the obituary for Larry Gregory. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. 

Larry's wishes were to be cremated. Private family inurnment. There are no public services. Contributions in lieu of flowers to American Cancer Society.

Larry Miley Gregory, age 79 of Adrian, Missouri died Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. He was born September 6, 1936 to William Miley and Leota Louise Eaton Gregory in Newton, Iowa.

Larry is survived by four sons, Robert Gene White and wife Vicki of Harrisonville, Missouri, Steven Lynn White and wife Sandra of Cummings, Georgia, Douglas Larry Gregory and wife Pamela of Liberal, Missouri and Daniel Scott Gregory and wife Carol of Independence, Missouri; 2 brothers, 3 sisters; 15 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and one great great-grandchild. He was preceded in death by his parents; wife Estella Jean Gregory in 2014; one brother; one grandson; and one great-granddaughter.

JUDGING CLINIC:  Great news there will be one more URA judging clinic. June 4th at 10am at Moberly, MO. This clinic is URA and MRCA approved. Plan to attend if you are interested in being an approved judge!!!

Guidelines for MRCA first rodeo entries!!!

Results of the voting

1. The URA board reserves the right to discuss at the general membership meeting, with a vote by general membership, immediately following, to use a central entry system to take entries for all URA first approved rodeos. Submitted by: David Cannon PASSED

2. All URA approved rodeos must have a minimum of 200 added per event. Submitted by: Jake McKellips PASSED

3. Barrier judges will be given an official list of contestants with their official draw. Barrier judge will keep track of all barrier and field penalties on draw sheet, Judges sheet and secretary sheets shall be compared and reconciled before any checks are issued. Submitted by: Joel Harbin FAILED

4. Create a sub-contractor card for contractors that don't own an entire stock contracting company, and only lease stock to full contractors. Sub-contractors stock would be eligible to take stock to finals under same rules as a contractor. Submitted by: Joel Harbin FAILED

5. In Bareback and Saddle Bronc events: Change rule from "if horse stalls or hesitates, judges "may" waive markout rule" amend to read "if horse stalls or hesitates markout rule shall be automatically waived" Submitted by: Joel Harbin FAILED

6. If any bucking animal leaves chute 'backwards' (hind end first) contestant shall automatically be afforded a reride. Contestant may request and receive a score for, if he finishes ride, before accepting reride option. Submitted by: Joel Harbin FAILED

7. At all first or co-approved URA rodeos any judge or official consuming alcohol 6(six) hours prior to any performance or designated slack event, or found to be under the influence of alcohol while officiating any performance or slack shall be fined $500 and deemed ineligible to judge finals in the same year for a first offense. Second offense shall be fined $750 one year suspension and ineligible to judge finals for 5 years. Third offense- Permanently banned for judging all URA first or co-approved rodeos. Submitted by Joel Harbin PASSED WHEN AMENDED TO INCLUDE ALL PERSONNEL

8. Collect $5.00 Day Money and put $4.00 in the jackpot. ($0.50 to URA; $.50 to rodeo secretary) Figure the prize money on a $54 entry fee instead of a $50 fee. (This is currently how it is paid at IRCA first approved one day rodeos with or without designated slack). This benefits all contestants that placed, instead of just one per event. Money will count towards points. Submitted by Shirley Wright PASSED

FINALS 2015: Remember the finals are Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. We are pleased to announce that we will have a cowboy church service on Sunday, Nov. 8th at 11am at the arena.

Judging Clinic: Judging Director Larry Gregory will be putting on the only URA judging clinic this year on Saturday, Nov. 7th at 10am at the R.R. Domer Arena, Topeka, KS. Come and be approved for 2016 judging jobs. This clinic is also IRA approved for the first time!!

General Membership meeting: Saturday, Nov. 7th at 1pm at the arena we will have our general membership meeting.

REMINDER: If you were in the top twenty as of Aug. 1st, you have to return your vote for finals personnel before Sept. 8th!! You can email them in to or mail them to the office at 1629 140th Road, Yates Center, KS 66783. Failure to return your ballot will make you inelgible for finals!!!

Sympathy is extended to the family of Larry Miller. He passed away on Aug. 23rd. There will be a memorial celebration Saturday August 29th at 3 o'clock at the Miller Ranch north of New Market, Iowa.. Celebration address is 1991 Badger Ave New Market, Iowa 51646. This is the address that cards can be sent to also

CHECK OUT THE SCHEDULE PAGE: Downing, MO is running slack following perfs and team roping is enter twice. Sedalia, MO increased their added money for barebacks and saddle broncs to $1,000. All other events are $500 added money.

2015 finals peronnel applications are due into the URA office by July 30, 2015. Click here for an application.

Ok gang because so many of you are still trying to get in Mark Twain Lake and aren't having any luck we have decided to extend the call in time for the slack books. We will shut down the phones tonight at 10 pm and reopen them Tuesday night, June 23 from 6-8 pm. Now this is for SLACK ONLY and this is for CARD HOLDERS ONLY! We will have call in for Sullivan ONLY Monday night from 6-10 pm.

Bloomfield, IA: We know some of you have been trying for 5-6 hours but we are still answering the phone. We are not hanging up on anyone. We have also been on the phone for 6 hours. We will take call backs tomorrow, June 22 after 3:00. We are still trying to fill the Saturday performance.


R.L. Scott, past U.R.A. president and great guy passed away. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. The photos and notice were shared on facebook by his son, BeeJay.

God gained another cowboy. I wanted to let all of Robert Lee Scott's family and friends know that at 5:15 pm On June 3, dad passed away. Our family will be holding a memorial service Sunday June 7 from 2-5 at the American Legion in Monroe.




Remember you must check the position draw at the rodeos. What is posted as online draw is unofficial, don't be caught by surprise at the rodeo, check the official sheets.

April 26: Send in your membership application before May 1st. Dues increase by $10 on May 1st.

Judging Clinic: There will be a URA/IRCA judging clinic on June 6th at Osceola, IA beginning at 10am. Make plans to attend if you missed the clinic at finals and want to judge URA first approved rodeos in 2015.

Doyle Dean Wookey, age 78, of Grand River, Iowa, the son of William Day and Marie Viola (Norris) Wookey, was born June 19, 1936, in Osceola, Iowa.  He died at the Clearview Home in Mt. Ayr, Iowa on February 13, 2015. 

Doyle attended Diamond Country Schools before graduating from Grand River High School in 1955.  On July 27, 1957, he married Doris Arlene Fitzgerald in Grand River.  They were blessed with a boy, Kevin, and a girl, Shari.  As his family grew, Doyle loved seeing the great grandchildren.  

Doyle was a husband, father, and a farmer at heart.  He was a Grand River volunteer fireman for many years and served as chief for two years.  He also was a Lions Club member for 54 years.  He loved going to rodeo auctions in Texas.  In earlier years, he worked for Daily Stockyards hauling hogs across Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.  Then he bought and operated Grand River Lumber and Supply for several years.  For the past 49 years, Doyle owned and operated the Grand River Rodeo, in addition to owning and operating the Silver Spur Café and Bar in Grand River. He loved being at the Spur socializing with everyone.  He retired at age 77.

Preceding him in death were his parents; his in-laws; brother, Duane Wookey; and sister, Merna Cox.  Survivors include his wife, Doris Wookey, of Grand River; son, Kevin Wookey of Grand River; daughter, Shari Thurman and husband Rex of Grant City, Missouri; two grandchildren, Darcy Roberts and husband Justin of King City, Missouri and Joshua Thurman and wife Lynn of Grant City; four great grandchildren, Kenzington and Kymberlynn Roberts and Sawyer and Gracie Thurman; sister, Linda Hunt of Grand River; nieces and nephews; and other relatives and many, many friends.

Funeral services will be held at the Trinity Christian Church, west of Decatur, Iowa, at 11 a.m. Tuesday, February 17, 2015, with Rev. Terry D. Roberts officiating.  Burial will be in the Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand River, Iowa.  Arrangements were through the Slade - O'Donnell Funeral Home in Leon, Iowa.

Jan. 3, 2014: It is with a heavy heart that the rodeo world lost one of the greats today. Stock Contractor Johnny Walters passed away in his sleep last night. The thoughts and prayers of everyone in the rodeo world goes out to his family and friends. Johnny toouched many lives and his memory lives on through all he touched. Check out the tribute that C.R. McKellips Rodeo Co. presented at the New Years Rodeo Stampede on the URA facebook page. RIP Johnny.

Legendary rodeo stock contractor and cowboy John Charles Walter, 72, passed away Saturday, January 3rd, 2015. Visitation will be held from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at the Travis-Noe Funeral Home in Kirksville, MO. Funeral services will immediately follow at 2 p.m. Burial will be at the Indian Hill Cemetery in Gifford, MO. The family would like to invite friends to share in a celebration of Walt’s life at the Days Inn in Kirksville directly following the burial.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorials are made to the John Walter Memorial Fund, La Plata State Bank, La Plata, MO.

November 28, 2014: The thoughts and prayers of all the United Rodeo Association go out to the families of the four young men killed this week in a pickup accident in Missouri. The rodeo family lost some great young men and holds their families in our thoughts and prayers.

Lance Porterfield:

In lieu of flowers, tax deductible memorial donations may be made to the Lance Porterfield Scholarship Fund, with checks written to: NEO A&M Foundation, 200 I Street NE, Miami, Oklahoma, 74354. 

Funeral services will be 3:00 PM Sunday, November 30, at the Sparta High School. Burial will be at Sparta Cemetery. Visitation will be from 1:00 PM until service time on Sunday at the school. Arrangements are under the direction of Adams Funeral Home, Ozark.

Cody Uber:

Funeral services will be 10:00 AM Monday in Redeemer Lutheran Church, Nixa. Burial will follow in Glenn Cemetery, south of Nixa. Visitation will be from 6:00 - 8:00 PM Sunday in Adams Funeral Home, Nixa.

Donations in lieu of flowers may be made to the Brianna Walker Memorial Foundation, P.O. Box 452 Sparta, MO 65753.



FINALS 2014: Remember your finals enry fees are due into the office by Oct. 30th. Also your votes for stock of the year and rodeo of the year are due at the same time. Ballots were in your October newsletter. Everyone who is a member is encouraged to vote!! You can find the ballot here.

2015 Rodeo Schedule: The approvals were received in the office for the New Years Eve Stampede rodeos, Dec. 31-Jan. 3. Check out the schedule page for more information!!!

FINALS ENTRIES: If you are in the top twenty you need to email your entry in to by Tuesday, Oct. 21st at 9pm. Or you can call in on Sunday, Oct. 19 and Tuesday, Oct. 21 from 6pm to 9pm 620-625-2566 to enter.

RULE CHANGES to be voted on at the general membership meeting on Saturday, Nov. 8th. at 1:30pm in Topeka, KS.

1. Add to barrel racing rules: Once a drag is set in the barrel racing it cannot be changed due to no shows or turnouts. Example: if dragging after #15 and #7 turns out #16 cannot roll up on. #16 should have a run on top of the ground and run after the drag.

Submitted by: Chelsea Phipps

2. In the rough stock rules under the portion that says "the rider must tell the flankman and/or stock contractor if he does not want his draw touched with a hot-shot, DELETE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE however, if the rider denies use of the hot-shot and the animal does not buck, no reride will be given.

Submitted by Jake McKellips

3. Also under the same rule as in number two DELETE : Stock Contractor may deny contestant's request.

Submitted by Jake McKellips

4. Under rough stock rules DELETS: rule 8B which states: If a rider is fouled, in order to get a re-ride he must immediately declare himself and not try stock unless otherwise instructed by the judges. REPLACE WITH: "If a rider is fouled he may declare himself unless instructed to "go on" by a judge in which case contestant will be scored with an option for reride. If contestant is unable to complete ride he will be awarded a reride.

Submitted by: Joel Harbin

5. Change under calf roping rules #11: Line judge will stand on the calf roper side of the scoreline. At roper's discretion, roper will be allowed two (2) stationary hazer not over 25 feet from front of the box. (Change is from one to two and adding stationary)

Submitted by: Gary Johnson

6. Change the stock charge to be on the same schedule for rough stock an timed events: $8 for up to $199 added; $10 for $200-$299; and $12 for $300 and more added in that event.

Submitted by: Dave Cannon

7. Add: Event Directors and officers will be able to enter URA first approved rodeos by email 24 hours before entry opening.

Submitted by Dave Cannon

8. Do away with the cross fire in the team roping. The rule will now be that the head loop must be thrown before the heel loop is thrown.

Submitted by: Dave Cannon.

RULE CHANGES: Any rule change proposals need to be sent to the office before Sept. 30th to be considered at the general membership meeting. Remember that you have to have 10 signatures on all proposals. The general membership meeting will be Saturday of the finals at 1pm.

JUDGING CLINIC: Make plans to attend the URA judging clinic on Saturday, Nov. 8th at 10am at Topeka.






FINALS 2014: The time is here for finals personnal applications, for secretary, timer, pickup men, judges, bullfighters, announcer and contract act. Click here for information and for the application. Remember you have to work three URA first approved rodeos in order to work the finals. Applications are due by August 1st.

HEALTH PAPERS AND COGGINS ARE NEEDED TO CROSS STATE LINES: Check out this note: All rodeo contestants coming to LaBelle Missouri this weekend Friday and Saturday the state veterinarian will be there checking for Coggins and health papers if you don't have them you could be fined or your horse could be impounded or both

News: June: Keep looking at when the books open as many are opening early this year. Don't miss out on your favorite rodeos by missing the call ins.

Estella J. Gregory

(April 1, 1931 - April 26, 2014)

Funeral services for Estella J. Gregory will be 2 p.m. Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Victory Assembly of God Church in Adrian, Missouri with Pastor Lance Loughridge officiating.  Visitation will be prior to the services from 12 - 2 p.m. at the church. Burial in Crescent Hill Cemetery in Adrian, Missouri.  Contributions to the Victory Assembly of God Church. 

Estella Jean Gregory, age 83 of Adrian, Missouri died Saturday, April 26, 2014 at St. Joseph Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. She was born April 1, 1931 to John Joseph and Ruby Irene Schnathorst McGrath in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Estella is survived by her husband, Larry Gregory of Adrian, Missouri; 4 sons, Robert White and wife Vicki of Harrisonville, Missouri, Steven White and wife Sandra of Cummings, Georgia, Douglas Gregory and wife Pamela of Liberal, Missouri and Daniel Gregory and wife Carol of Independence, Missouri; a daughter, Deborah Kleitz of Springfield, Missouri; 2 sisters, Rozella Caudill of Redding, California and Karen McFall and husband Jim of Redding, California; 13 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren and 1 great great-grandson.  She was preceded in death by her parents.

Feb. 2014:

Robert "Bob" Crase

Winterset, Iowa

April 14, 1931 - February 7, 2014

Bob Crase, 82, of Winterset died Friday, February 7, 2014.

A Funeral Service will be held 10:30 a.m., Monday, February 10, 2014 at Ochiltree Funeral Service in Winterset. The family will receive friends at the funeral home from 4:00 - 7:00 PM, Sunday, February 9, 2014.  Memorials may be directed to the family.

Robert B. Crase was born in Dallas County, Iowa on April 14, 1931 the son of F. Merrill Crase and Dortha Thomas. He graduated from DeSoto High School.  He served in the Marine Corps where he received certification in refrigeration.  His lived almost all of his life in the Winterset area.

Bob spent his working career in home construction running his own company.  He was a member of the Saddle Club, Iowa Rodeo and Cowboy Association, United Rodeo Association Card #138, Carpenters Local 106, and the Des Moines Homebuilders Association.  He enjoyed Rodeos, building homes, and Team Roping.  He was a HUGE Nebraska Cornhuskers fan.  He enjoyed his family, especially attending all of the grandchildren’s activities, and his family will tell you that he enjoyed driving fast.

He is survived by his wife, Kim; and children, Dennis (Cindy), Todd (Tammy), Barb (Loren), Kathy (Bob) and Justin (Tamara); twelve grandchildren; three great grandchildren; and a brother, Ray.

He was preceded in death by a son, Chance Bane and a daughter, Heather Bane.

Jan. 2014: Check out the results from the New Years Eve rodeos. New rodeos are coming in so keep checking for more rodeos.

Judging Clinic: There will be a judging clinic on Satuday, Nov. 9th at 10am at the RR Domer Arena in Topeka. Plan to attend and be qualified to judge in 2014.

Finals call ins are Sunday, Oct. 20 and Monday Oct. 21 from 6pm-9pm or you can enter by email at be sure and look for conformation email. Finals entry fees are due by Oct. 28th.


Oct. 2nd: Finals is fast approaching, only one rodeo left and that is Pacific, MO. Finals packets will be sent out soon so be watching for finals information.

Miss URA 2014: If anyone is interested in running for Miss URA 2014 please contact the URA office for a packet. The competition will be held on Friday, Nov. 8th at the finals in Topeka, KS.

Sept. 24th: Great news the host hotel for the URA finals will once again be the AmericInn at 1518 S.W. Wanamaker Rd. Call now to make your reservations 785-273-5365 and ask for the URA rate of $55 per night. This is a great hotel with an indoor pool so call now to get your reservation in.

Aug. 18: Anyone who was in the top twenty as of Aug. 1st needs to vote for finals personnel. Please contact the office if you have misplaced your ballot. You can vote by mail or by email.

TEAM ROPERS: Note that Superior, WI is once again an enter twice team roping. Triple B is putting on this great Wisconsin rodeo and invite everyone to come and enjoy the Great Northern Classic.

Michael Doolittle, URA bullrider, was injured this past week and is now at his parents house in Mt. Ayr, IA to heal up. Good news that he is out of the hospital.

URA finals: Nov. 7-9 in Topeka, KS. Applications to work the finals for announcers, pickup men, bullfighters, funnyman, judges, timers, and secretary are available here. They are due into the URA office by July 25, 2013.

Judging Clinic - attend and get approved as a judge!

April 6th    10:00am

MRCA/URA/American Family Rodeo judging clinic

E.J. McKellips- Happy Trails Stables-Grain Valley, MO

Call EJ for more info. 816-697-8826

Feb. 27, 2013: The rodeo March 2 and March 3 at Cleveland, MO has been cancelled due to weather concerns. Please help spread the word.


Roland Hein, 1973 URA champion team roper passed away Feb. 18th.

Ronald H. Hein

Roland H. Hein, 82, of Overland Park, Kansas, passed away February 18, 2013. 

Roland was born August 27, 1930, in Gate, Oklahoma, the short grass country of the Oklahoma Panhandle, to Ruben and Elisabeth (Pankratz) Hein.  He had an agricultural background and experienced the Depression and Dust Bowl which forged a deep appreciation for hard work, integrity, sacrifice and thrift. 

He was 100% cowboy in every way.  Tough and tender, he roped and rodeoed in every arena within a two day drive and was the URA National Team Roping Champion multiple years. Roland helped countless individuals with their team roping skills and many of today’s top ropers owe their success to his willingness to share his knowledge. He  told it like it was through colorful stories with a western drawl that was peppered with nicknames and words he created that left you laughing, crying or scratching your head.

Raised a Quaker, Roland had a deep and abiding faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in whose loving arms he now rests. 

He was preceded in death by his bride of 51 years, Anita, brothers Wesley, Elmer and Arnol, and sister Luella Kasper.  He leaves his only child Cathy Dudley, her husband Joe Dudley; grandchildren Craig and Stephanie Dudley; sisters-in-law Louise and Ruby Hein and Vera Jones, Don Hansen (Cynthia); many nieces, nephews, friends and roping buddies. 

Visitation and Memorial Service

A visitation is scheduled for Saturday, February 23, 2013, from 11:30-12:30 p.m. at Wil Jenny’s Restaurant, 6700 W. 135th Street, Overland Park, Kansas 66223 with a Celebration of Life following.

Casual western attire and stories about Roland are encouraged. 

Memorial Contributions

Memorial contributions in Roland’s name may be made to Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care, 12000 Wornall Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64145.  



Jan. 29, 2013: Check out the schedule page for many more rodeos. We have several in March and April so if you don't have your 2013 membership get it sent in as soon as possible.

The entire rodeo community is stunned by the death of Dingus. The following information is from the Rudolph Funeral Home, Corydon, IA. They are in charge of arrangements for Dingus. The service will be held on Friday, Dec. 7 at 1pm at the Leon rodeo arena.

Years ago a cowboy with a short memory and the nickname "Freckles" Brown could never remember David's name and solved that problem by calling him "Dingus." The name stuck.

He was the top steer wrestler in the Iowa Rodeo Cowboys Association in 1987 and 1997. And was so proud when his prized bulldogging horse "Bay" was voted horse of the year. In the early years he could also be seen with his rodeo sidekick PD, short for puppy dog. He was a pick up man and bullfighter at the United Rodeo Association finals four years in a row. He was a member of the URA, IRCA and IRA Rodeo Associations. Rodeo was his life and he loved every aspect of the sport. He enjoyed participating in ranch rodeos and ropings. A true cowboy with his spurs jiggling and a Coors Light in his hand everywhere he went. There was never a dull moment when Dingus was around. And the rodeo world certainly will never be the same. Many stories can be shared about Dingus and we hope that they are told with lots of laughter.

Dingus worked for James Sears Rodeo Company for many years and has been employed by Rex Siemer Trucking for the past 10 years.

He was a big supporter of the Leon Youth Rodeo in which Sidney and Macy, his "daughters", were participants. Dingus was very involved in the activities of Sidney and Macy and supported them in all. He enjoyed helping the girls with their rodeo and could always be seen at the gate encouraging them before and after their runs. The girls were his pride and joy and as you know he had many stories to tell of them.

Dingus was a lover of all children and all children gravitated toward him as well. Definitely not because he treated them with kid gloves but rather with a cowboy's rugged affection. There are still little boys out there that aspire to be "just like Dingus."

Dingus lived for the day and he will be remembered and missed everyday.

David "Dingus" Friedel, son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Friedel and Beverly Hainline was born June 29, 1960 in Des Moines, Iowa. He passed away on December 2, at the age of 52.

Dingus graduated from Madrid High School where he was active in wrestling, football, and rodeo.

Dingus is survived by his fiancé Kelly McFee and children Macy, Sidney, James, Kortney, Kady, Krysti; grandchildren Briley and Layne; parents Paul and Betty Friedel and Beverly Hainline; and siblings Kathy Gamble, John (Gayle), Michael (Rita) and Paula McLeran (Mark).

Dingus is preceded in death by his grandparents and special friend Ryan Fain.




Deepest sympathy is extended to the family of Monica Morrow, her father Mike is a past many time URA champion.

Auburn – Monica Sue Morrow, 36, passed away on November 29, 2012 at her home in Auburn.  Funeral services will be 10:30 Monday at Lampe Funeral Home in Lake City with Rev. Betty Weidert officiating and burial in Cottonwood Cemetery, Lake City.  Visitation will be from 4 to 7 p.m. Sunday at Lampe Funeral Home in Lake City.

Monica was born on July 2, 1976 in Lake City to Mike Morrow and Candy (Cole) Morrow.  She graduated from Southern Cal High School in 1994.  Monica loved to collect dolphins, all kinds of pens and pencils and purses.  She loved going to her niece’s rodeos and babysitting her nephews.  Monica was a family person, she always told her family and friends she loved them.

Monica is survived by her father, Mike (Lori) Morrow, mother, Candy Morrow (Stan Bachman), sisters, Michelle (Ed) Waldhauser and Marcie Morrow, and brother, Chad Morrow, step-brother, Lee Plumber and step-sister, Sarah Plumber.  Also surviving are nieces, Chandy and Shyla Waldhauser, Kierstin Morrow and Karli Payer, nephews, Ethan and Caden Lengeling, grandparents, Robert and Phyllis Morrow and Norma Campbell, and the love of her life, boyfriend Chris Duis, along with many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.  She was preceded in death by her grandfather, Bob Campbell.

Michael C. Glover, 55, Carbondale, Kansas, passed away November 5, 2012 at his home. He was born April 24, 1957 at Nebraska City, Nebraska, the son of Joseph E. and Ruby A. Custard Glover. He graduated from Nebraska City High School and was a truck driver for most of his life. His true love was rodeo where he competed and later judged. He was a member of the United Rodeo Association, Interstates Rodeo Association and USTRC. He also attended and was a member of Grace Community Church. Michael married Clara Lynn Crouse, November 1, 1980 in Nebraska City. She survives of the home. He was preceded in death by his father. Other survivors include two daughters, Stephanie Glover-Eutsler, Topeka, KS; Lacy Glover, Carbondale, KS; a son, Levi Glover, Carbondale, KS; a grandson, Anthony Eutsler, Topeka, KS; mother, Ruby Glover, a brother, Joey Glover, a sister, Kathy Shefferd, and a niece, Jessica Shefferd, all of Nebraska City, Nebraska. A funeral service will be held 2:00 p.m. Friday, November 9, 2012 at Grace Community Church, Overbrook, KS. Burial will be in Shawnee Center Cemetery, Wakarusa, KS. Michael will lie in state from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Thursday, at Grace Community Church, where the family will receive relatives and friends from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Carey Funeral Home, Burlingame, KS is in charge of arrangements.


It is with a very sad heart that this is written, longtime URA member, calf roper, team roper, judge and great cowboy, Mike Glover passed away on Monday, Nov. 5th. Visitation will be Thursday evening and the services are Friday. More information will be posted as it is received, but please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers and know that heaven just received another great cowboy with many stories to share with everyone.

Results of the voting at the general membership meeting are noted below.

1. Raise Stock Charge to $12.00 for timed events, open, over Forty & Breakaway Roping, Steer Wrestling & Team Roping. submitted by: Barry Wright Amended to read on a graduated scale based on the added money (per end in the team roping). under $199 added per event: $8 stock charge, $200 to $299 added $10 stock charge, $300 or more added $12 stock charge. The motion as amended passed.

2. Raise Girls Barrel Racing Timer fee to $5.00. submitted by: Barry Wright Amended to be a $3.00 fee. The motion as amended passed.

3. In bronc riding events time shall start when the animals shoulder crosses the plaon of the gate (inside shoulder which is gate side shoulder). But this does NOT in any way change the mark out rule only when time starts. submitted by: Joel Harbin PASSED

4. In bronc riding events bucking chute shall be opened no further than 90 degrees perpendicular to the chute until the horse has turned and stated to exit chute. After that point it may be opened further to prevent rider from being fouled. Contestants will be awarded a reride for being fouled by the gate. Mark out rule will automatically be waived if gate is not properly opened. submitted by: Joel Harbin FAILED

5. In riding events at any time an animal fouls either himself or the rider on the chute or chute gate, or if a rider is fouled by chute gate rider WILL be scored with the option of a reride whether contestant completes ride or not. An immediate declaration not being necessary. Judges will award a reride option at any time a foul is observed whether declared or not. submitted by: Joel Harbin FAILED

6. In timed events stock must cross the plane of the score line or a rerun will be given. Plane of the score line shall be the full width of both timed event boxes as the set score line for that event. submitted by: Joel Harbin PASSED

7. Amend Rule # 3 in breakaway roping and move Rule #9 to A of Rule 3. All contestants must have a knot tied at the end of their rope with the flag and string tied at the knot.

A. The string must be at least 18 gauge nylon string, minimu 150 weight. String will be tied at the knot of the rope and then to the saddle horn. Contestants must provide their own string.

B. The flags on breakaway ropes must be a white men's handkerchief. The flag will be tied by one (1) corner with three (3) corners showing and it must be tied at the knot of the rope.

submitted by: Danni Clover PASSED

8. Amend Rule #17 in breakway roping: Women, and boys who are fourteen (14) and under, may enter the Breakaway Roping.

A. The URA office must have a copy of the boy's Birth Certificate on file when membership is issued.

B. The age for the current competition year will be determined by the age the boys will turn that calendar year. (Example: the 2013 URA competition year starts Oct. 8, 2012, on that day the age for the 2013 competition year will be determined by the age the boys will turn in the 2013 calendar year). submitted by: Danni Clover FAILED

JUDGING CLINIC: A judging clinic will be held on Saturday, Nov. 3rd at the URA finals rodoe. The clinic will begin at 10am. Everyone is encouraged to attend the clinic.

Ballots for year end awards are in your October Newsletter. Click on the link on this page to open the newsletter. Please vote for year end awards.

2012 Finals information: Call In for finals will be Oct. 14 and Oct. 15 from 6pm-9pm, or you can email your entry in to, your email entry is only complete when you receive a conformation email back. Fees will once again be $270 and they are due into the office by Oct. 24th.

Sept. 21, 2012: Finals Host Hotel: The host hotel is the AmericInn off of Wanamaker Rd. They offer breakfast, an indoor pool and many eating places close by. Call 785-273-5365 and ask for the United Rodeo Association rate of only $55 per night.

Sept. 7, 2012: Steelville, MO is postponing the performance from Friday night to Saturday, Sept. 8th at 3pm or contestants can compete Saturday evening.

Sept. 2, 2012 DuQuion, IL. is still happening, it will be in the covered arena, great conditions for everyone. Enter at gate 3.


Aug. 21, 2012: Don't forget if you were in the top twenty as of Aug. 1st you must return your ballot for finals by Aug. 29th. If you need more information please email or call the URA office.

Notice there is one new rodeo on Oct. 7th at Buckner, MO, check out the schedule page.

July 31, 2012: Thought and prayers go out to the family of Justin Jeffries:

Justin Dwight Odell Jeffries, 22, of Cole Camp, died Saturday, July 28, 2012, at Allen County Hospital, Iola, Kansas. He was born on March 17, 1990, at Sedalia, Missouri, a son of Daren Dwight and Shannon Lynn (Howard) Jeffries.

Justin lived in Clifton City and Sedalia before moving to Cole Camp in the first grade. In 2009, he graduated from Cole Camp High School, where he lettered in soccer and baseball. He was a member of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church of Cole Camp and for the past three years, worked for Wire Co. in Sedalia. He was a member of the MRCA Rodeo Association and enjoyed fishing, hunting, playing sports, bull riding, farming, and hanging out with his buddies.

He is survived by his parents, Daren and Bridget Jeffries of Boonville and Shannon and Pete Pierson of Cole Camp; three sisters, Kaylin Jeffries of Cole Camp, Raegan Pierson and Kennedy Pierson both of Sedalia; three brothers, Zack Esselman of Cole Camp, Royce Jeffries and Levi Jeffries both of  Boonville; his grandparents, Pam and Larry Howard of Sedalia, Harold and Josie McDermed of Warrensburg, and Mary Lee Gerke of Pilot Grove; his great-grandmother, Clara Belle Jeffries of Pilot Grove; his nephew, Landon Jeffries; and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Roy and Joyce Jeffries and Norman Gerke.

Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, August 3, 2012, at the Benton County R-1 Gymnasium, Cole Camp, with Father Michael Murphy officiating. Burial will be in Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery, Cole Camp.

The family will receive friends from 5 - 8 p.m. on Thursday, August 2, 2012, at the Benton County R-1 School.

The family suggests memorial contributions be given to the family's choice of charity in care of the Fox Funeral Home, Cole Camp.

Pallbearers will be Justin White, Billy Helvey, Josh Staus, Greg Gerke, Jim Knapheide, and Chris Zeller.

July 1, 2012: Finals personnel applications will be mailed out in a few days, they are due back into the URA office by July 25. Click here for a copy of the applications.

June 20, 2012: Please note that Wright Rodeo Company has changed the entry dates and times on their upcoming rodeos. Check out the new information on the schedule page.

June 18, 2012: The URA rulebook is now online. Please click on the link next to this article to read the rulebook.

June 8, 2012: Rodeo entries are going good, everyone needs to be aware that many of the "Cowboy Christmas" rodeos have early entry dates. Read the entry information carefully, some open as early as June 17th. If you are planning on joining the URA go ahead and send in your application so you are set and ready for all the great rodeos coming up. Many contractors have changed their entry dates from the past, so read carefully and don't miss out on all the rodeos you want to enter.


April 22, 2012: GREEN CASTLE, Mo. — Raymond Arthur Heman, 81, Green Castle, died Friday, April, 20, 2012, at Boon Hospital in Columbia, Mo.The son of Emil Henry and Amanda Frances (Dieckman) Heman, he was born September 23, 1930, in Independence, Mo. On February 23, 1980, at Green Castle, he married Frances Jean Eads and she survives. Also surviving are one son, Kenneth Heman and wife, Lori, of Lone Grove, Okla.; one daughter, Deborah Browne and husband, John, of Cape Girardeau, Mo.; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; one brother, Melvin Heman and wife, Alice, of Levasy, Mo; and many nieces and nephews.Raymond had lived on a ranch near Green Castle since 1973, and for several years operated the Spring Creek Ranch there. He also owned his own ranches in Green Castle and Harrison County, Mo. He retired from ranching in 2002, due to failing health. He was a member of Green City United Methodist Church. Raymond’s passion was raising cattle and roping, especially team roping with his son, Kenny.A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, April 23, 2012, at the Green City United Methodist Church, with Rev. Andy Coon officiating and under the direction of Ruschmeier Funeral Home in Green City, Mo. Visitation is scheduled for the hour before services at the church. Following cremation, a private family inurnment service will be held at a later date.Contributions are suggested to the Green City United Methodist Church in his memory.

April 20, 2012: Don't forget the judging clinic on April 21st at Grand River, IA. Contact Gary Sage: 515-249-2145 for more information.

March 29, 2012: URA stock contractor Don Buffington passed away today. The following was said by his daughter Syd: He flanked his last bronc, loaded his last panel, drove his last truck and sorted his last pair. He rides a good walking baldface saddlehorse with stocking legs through heavens gates. Today heaven recieved not just a weathered face old cowboy but a loving husband, daddy, grandfather, papa, son, brother,uncle and great friend. Don Buffington passed away at the Ft Meade VA Hospital March 29, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Donald C. Buffington

Donald C. Buffington

HERMOSA - Donald C. Buffington, 68, died Thursday, March 29, 2012, at Fort Meade Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Survivors include his wife, Sandra Buffington, Hermosa; son, Rawhide Buffington, South Carolina; daughters, Beth Hall, Billings, Mont., Billie Jo Rommel, Hermosa, Sydney Gray, Ridgeview, and Jackie Tiege, Bagley, Minn.; mother, Joyce Buffington, Marietta, Minn.; brothers, Lee Buffington, Artesian, and Doug Buffington, Marietta; sister, Beth Schmidt, Marietta; 10 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Celebration of Life memorial services will be at 2 p.m. Mountain Time Monday, April 2, at the James Kjerstad Event Center, Rapid City, S.D.

Edstrom & Rooks Funeral Service at Serenity Springs in Rapid City in charge of arrangements.

A memorial has been established.

An online guestbook is available at

Published in Rapid City Journal on March 31, 2012


March 11, 2012: Check out the United Rodeo Association on facebook. We have a page and encourage everyone to like the page and post items for everyone to see about the URA. This year is our 50th anniversary and we would love to hear some old stories about the URA.

March 4, 2012: Check out all the new rodeos listed with even more to come.

Attention anyone with old ropes, Randy Morrison will trade two worn out ropes for a new halter or lead rope. You can contact him at 816-345-9917, or get the ropes to Skeet Davis or Chuck McKellips. Thanks to everyone.

Also here is some news on former URA contractors Jake and Pearl Jacobsen

John and Pearl Jacobsen Mr. & Mrs. John B. (Jake) Jacobsen, Delia, celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on March 1, 2012. John Jacobsen and Pearl McDonald were married on March 1, 1947, in Geneva, NE. They moved from Nebraska to the Emmett/Delia area in 1956. They have farmed and ranched and currently have a cattle operation at their home northeast of Delia. They owned and operated Jacobsen Rodeo Co. and furnished livestock for rodeos in Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma for over 30 years. The couple have 2 children: Dale (Carolyn) Jacobsen of Circleville and Sis (Wilbur Jr.) Stum of rural Maple Hill (Topeka); 4 grandsons, 6 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild. Cards will reach them at 16238 G Road, Delia KS 66418.

JUDGING CLINIC: April 21st at Grand River, IA contact Gary Sage for more information: 515-249-2145


Feb. 17, 2012: There are even more rodeos listed on the schedule page, it is shaping up to be a banner year for the URA.

Check out the health and life insurance offered through our program. Check out the insurance page on the website for more information.

Feb. 12, 2012: Check out the schedule page there 30 rodeos already listed and many more to be coming into the office. Take a look and get your memberships sent in to be ready for this 50th year of the URA.

Feb. 5, 2012: Thank you for all the cards and prayers in the recent death of my father.

Please check out the schedule page as we have five upcoming winter rodeos. Thanks to our contractors, Outlaw, TNT, and Wright Rodeo Co. for taking the time and effort to plan rodeos for the URA during the winter. Be sure and thank the sponsors of these rodeos.

Jan. 20, 2011: Thoughts and prayers to Toni and Marshall Samples. Their house burned down at 3am. Thankfully they had smoke alarms that worked and everyone made it out safely. Word is that not much was saved, but we are thankful that their family is okay.


Check out the schedule page for an upcoming rodeo on March 30-31 at Des Moines, IA.

JAN. 4, 2011: Prayers and cards are requested for Codey Payne, here is the information that has been provided by David Kenyon:

Codey Payne got his arm caught in hydraulic splitting maul while cutting wood Monday or Tuesday. He lost a lot of blood and was in serious condition for a period of time. They have moved him from Jefferson City to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. They are not sure whether or not he will lose part of his arm or not at this time. The following is his address at the hospital, so please forward to others, pray for him and the doctors, post on the website and try to stop by and see him or send him a card.

Barnes Hospital

Codey Payne

1 Barnes Jewish Hospital Plaza, Room #7349

St. Louis, MO 63117

ATTENTION JUDGES: There will be a judging clinic on Friday, Dec. 30th at 8am at the Kansas City rodeo. Make plans to attend and be ready for the 2012 season.

Nov. 21: Remember that URA memberships make great Christmas Presents that can be enjoyed the entire year. Send in your membership soon so you are ready for the New Years Eve rodeos at Kansas City.

Nov. 6: The 49th annual finals are done and they were super great. Thanks to everyone who helped in anyway at the finals, it takes everyone to make a great finals. Also thanks to everyone who helped organize and run the benefit for the John Traul family on Saturday night. Isn't it amazing that you all raised over $5,000 in one evening. John Trauls house burned during the finals and the outpouring of support at the finals was greatly appreciated.

Clint Tatum finished his term as President and Monty Dyer will be serving as your new president. Congratulations to Monty and thanks to Clint for serving as President for the past four years.

Nov. 2: Don't foget the general membership meeting on Saturday, Nov. 5th at 1pm at the RR Domer Arena in Topeka. Every member is encouraged to attend and help out your association.

Oct. 29: Call the host hotel directly at (785) 215-8257 and make your reservations.

Oct. 25: The roping jackpot orginally scheduled for this weekend at Dyers arena has been cancelled.

Cowboys for Cancer Benefit Auction and Event: Melody Wright, mother of Chelsea Wright was diagnosed with cancer and this event will be held on Oct. 29th at Marshfield, MO. There will be a 4D barrel race, breakaway roping, novice calf roping, open calf roping and team roping along with an auction. For more information contact Heath Wright @ 417-838-8037.

Oct. 10: Standings going into finals are posted. Please make note of finals call in on Tuesday, Oct. 18 and Wednesday, Oct. 19 from 6-9pm at 620-625-2566. Or you can email your entry to Email entries will only be official when you receive a conformation email back. All top 20 contestants must let the office know if you want to attend finals. If you aren't planning on attending the finals please let the office know so we can plan accordingly.

Finals fees are due by Oct. 28th into the office. Fees are $270 per event. Extra stalls are available at the finals for $50 each.

Sept. 25: Plans are coming together great for the 2011 finals. The final rodeo to count will be Eureka, MO so everyone needs to make plans to attend that rodeo.

Team Ropers you have lots of sponsors for finals, check out the sponsors page for a listing.

Everyone needs to check out as they are donating to the finals this year.

Ads for the program are due by Oct. 1st so please contact myself or Kim with your ads and sponsors.

Sept. 18: Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Joe Soukup. Following is a news release about the accident.

Update regarding Corydon, Iowa Visitation and Funeral Service Details:

Visitation – Thursday, September 22, 2011- 4:00-8:00 p.m. Randolph Funeral Home- Corydon,Iowa , 204 North Greeley Street, Corydon, Iowa 50060

Funeral Services – Friday, September 23, 2011 10:30 -Same location.

For those who will be on their way to Fort Madison the Corydon Fairgrounds will be open to park trailers and you may place your horses in the stalls. If you have questions you may contact Bill Huber at 641-799-6502

An Allerton, Iowa man is dead after a semi rollover accident late Saturday night near Dickens.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office reports that just before midnight, they got a call about the accident, which happened on Highway 18 near Dickens.

The semi appears to have been traveling westbound and lost control, crossing the centerline. The truck entered the south ditch, coming to rest on its top.

The driver, identified as 35-year-old Joseph William Soukup of Allerton was pronounced dead on the scene. A passenger, 3-year-old Jolie Soukup was treated for minor injuries at the Spencer hospital and was released.

Sept. 13: Word has just been received that Megan Penney was in an accident on Monday evening She was life flighted to Overland Park Regional. Wesley McKellips was born by csection but passed away shortly after. Megan suuffered several broken bones, partial collapsed lung, and a laceratied Spline. She is stable now. The thoughts and prayers of the entire URA family go out to Megan, her mom Cindy Belt, and Jake McKellips and their families.

Sept. 6: Our thoughts and prayers go out the Kraft Rodeo Co., former URA stock contractors. Steve and Janices son, Bronc was killed in a train-truck wreck over the weekend. Visitation will be Thurday, Sept. 8 from 6-8 pm at the Abbyville Community Church and the funeral will be Friday, Sept. 9 at 2pm at the Abbyville Rodeo Arena.

Sept. 5: Note that the books for Auburn, NE will be Tuesday, Sept. 6th.

Sept. 3: Anyone going to Eskridge, KS for the rodeo please note that K-4 Highway is closed north of Eskridge please plan an alternate route to the rodeo.

Aug. 25: Remember if you were in the top 20 as of Aug. 1st you must vote for finals judges, pickup men, and bullfighters. Please return your ballot to Clint Tatum or email your vote to before Sept. 1st.

Aug. 6: Great news the rodeo in Auburn, NE has been rescheduled. It will be Sept. 9-10 and even better news for the team ropers it will be an enter twice rodeo. Thanks to the Nemaha Co. Saddle Club and Grand River Rodeo Co. for working together to make this rodeo happen.

July 25: Skyler Hively, 2010 URA rookie team roper, died July 24 at the Coffey County Hospital in Burlington, KS. Skyler was self-employed as a professional horse shoer, horse trainer and ranch cowboy.  He raised horses and rode horses for customers.  Skyler day-worked as a ranch cowboy in Kansas and Oklahoma and team roped competively.  He won second at the 2011 USTRC team roping Winter Classic, Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, Oklahoma; the 2010 United Rodeo Association Rookie heeler of the year; the 2009 NIRA team roping, Guymon, Oklahoma; the USTRC Northeast Kansas Team Roping Championship in 2008 and competed at the 2008 USTRC National Finals, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Other lifetime achievements include being a member of the 2008 Waverly High School Eight Man Championship football team; 2008 first and second all-around team roper at the Lakin High School Rodeo; 2006 first place Heeler in DX Youth Rodeo, and 2002 4-H Horsemanship Grand Champion.

Visitation will be held at the Roberts-Blue-Barnett Funeral Home in Emporia, Wednesday, July 27, 2011 from 7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Mass of Christian Burial will be held at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 4 pm.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Skyler Hively Memorial in care of Roberts-Blue-Barnett Funeral Home.  Online condolences can be left at


July 23: For years the saddle bronc riding in the URA was dominated by card holder 259, Ivyl Gheer, well on July 22 Ivyl passed away. Ivyl will always be remembered as some one who did everything he could with what he had. d. Please keep Rusty and his family and Ricks family in your thoughts and prayers.

Ivyl G. Gheer

Centerville, Iowa (former Osceola, Iowa)

November 16, 1936 - July 22, 2011

Ivyl G. Gheer, 74, of Centerville formerly of Osceola, died Friday, July 22, 2011 in Centerville.

The family will be present to receive guest beginning at 4:00 p.m. with funeral services being held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, July 26th at Ochiltree Funeral Service in Winterset.  A committal service will be held at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, July 27th at the Davenport Memorial Park Cemetery, Davenport. Memorial contributions to be used at the family’s discretion will be accepted.   On-line condolences may be directed to the family at


ATTENTION FORTY & OVER CALF ROPERS: Warren, MN July 29-30 is not having the old mans breakaway roping, so they are added $1,000 to the Forty & Over Calf Roping!!!

June 30th: Directions to White Cloud, KS rodeo: The Missouri River can be crossed at St. Joe. Take Hwy 36 West. When you get between Highland and Hiawatha you can take Racoon Road North 2 miles and then go west on 240th Road (old Hwy 36) for 2 miles. Turn North on Prairie Road about 9 miles, turn right on 330th Road for about 5 miles. You can follow the signs to the casino and there will be rodeo signs.

June 26th: Just talked to Grand River Rodeo Co. and the rodeo at White Cloud, KS will happen just as planned. Contestants need to be aware that Hwy 7 is closed. You can still cross the river at St. Joe and head across on Hwy 36. There will be signs to the rodeo and more information will be posted as we receive it from the committee.


Ju ne 15: Check out the draw for Adel, IA at

June 8: Word was received today about the passing of Bud Breckenridge. Services will be Saturday, June 10th at 11am at the Trenton, MO Christian Church. Visitation will be at 10am at the church. Our thoughts are with the entire rodeo community with the death of Bud who was a founding father of the URA. Here is the link to his obituary:

Barry Wright is now home for the hospital, but confined to a wheelchair for 6-8 weeks.

May 17, 2011: Please note the entry number for all of Heartland Rodeos has changed: It is: 515-868-8769

May 7, 2011: The rodeo schedule page has been updated, there will be more rodeos to add, but this will give everyone a start on planning their summer. There are lots of new rodeos, increased added money at some and some changed their dates. Look carefully so you don't miss any of your favorite rodeos.


Auction Sunday, May 1st at Mound City, Ks at the Linn County Fairgrounds. Benefit auction for Alex Umphenour check out the listing at There is something there for everyone from vacations to horses to dogs to tack to jewelry even bareback riding lessons and flying lessons.

This was received from former URA secretary Sherri Hanna: Former URA Champion Dick Cooper died on April 6th after suffering a massive stroke a week earlier. The visitation was Friday night 4/8/11 at Bruce's Funeral Home in Gardner, KS, funeral and burial will be in Sallisaw, OK at 2:00 on Monday the 11th. 

Dick won the Steer Wrestling in 1965. Back in the days when there was an annual celebratory banquet and dance to crown the champions, Dick was often asked to serve as host of the year-end awards ceremony because of his outgoing personality and quick wit. Dick will be sorely missed by family and friends. He leaves behind his wife Ramona.

Many of you knew Joe Feaster of Joe Feaster Bucking Bulls. Joseph W. Feaster, 38, passed away Monday, March 21, 2011, as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Funeral services are 1:30 p.m. Friday at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Rapids. The Rev. Martin Baur and the Rev. James Douglas will officiate. Friends may call at St. Paul's Lutheran Church on Friday from noon until the time of services.

Joe leaves behind his wife Betsy and two children, Tira and Wyatt.

Ritchay Funeral Home in Wisconsin Rapids is handling all arrangements

The thoughts and prayers of the URA go out to his family and friends.

Saturday, April 16 at 3:00pm at Dyer Arena - Monty and Jayna Dyer 1435 Stafford RD Ottawa, KS

Monty & Jayna are having a benefit roping to support Madison Smith and her family. Madi is a 3rd grader, and has been a classmate of Kasons since kindergarten. She is currently in Childrens Mercy Hospital putting up a fierce fight against cancer of the brain and spinal cord. Madi is an amazing little girl.....her courage, faith and strength is remarkable. Her mother Julie has been a friend and great teacher to both our kids, and has taken a leave of absense to care for Madi and her siblings....just a great family. So, even if you can't come, please pass it on, and hopefully we will have a great turn out! -:) 12 and under goat tying 2 for $20 open goat tying 2 for $20 12 and under breakaway 3 for $40 Open/IRA breakaway 3 for $60 8th grade and under tie down 3 for $40 Novice (over 60) 3 for $40 Open/IRA tie down 3 for $60 Over 40/IRA tie down 3 for $60 $10.00 for open and $5.00 for youth office charge to go to Madison Smith family. Pop and snacks for concessions.


Alexandra Umphenour, Fort Hays University Rodeo team member had a tragic horse accident .  She remains in a coma after a month when her horse had a heart attack and fell causing her head to hit the ground. There will be a benefit auction for the family on May 1 at the Linn Co. Fairgrounds in Mound City, KS. There is so much stuff donated with more coming in everyday. Alex is presently in rehabilitation in Lincoln, NE. More information can be found at the facebook page for Team Alex benefit auction.Alex is a friend of many of our members and the thoughts and prayers of the URA go out to her family.

Judging Clinic scheduled:

March 26th: at Grand River, Iowa met at the Silver Spur at 2pm to head to the clinic site. Contact Ryan Pratt @ 641-414-5779 for more information.

Feb. 7: Barbara Brecheisen, wife of former member Dale Brecheisen and mother of Diana, Dale Lynn and Jeff, died on Wednesday. She was always there in the background, supporting and cheering on her rodeoing family. Don't know many details, except that her funeral is at 11:00 on Wednesday.

Feb. 1: Don Buffington is still in the hospital and his birthday is Feb. 4. Please send him a card to: Don Buffington, Ward E, Room 114 V.A. Hospital Building 148, 113 Commanche Rd. Ft. Meade, S.D. 57714.

Jan. 29, 2011: Just received word that the family of Cody Stephens lost everything in a fire tonight. They also lost all their mementos of Cody, pictures, buckles, everything. If anyone has any photos, videos of Cody please contact Ann Brumback on facebook or call her at: 563-506-5208. Let's all join together to support his family in their time of need.

Jan. 16, 2011: Don Buffington is in the ICU in Fort Meade Medical Hospital in Sturgis, S.D.. Don and his family could use the prayers of everyone at this time.


Jan. 11, 2011: Saddle Bronc Riders take notice: saddle bronc riding school at Downing, Mo. April 22-24th 2011. It will be instucted by 3time World Champion Hawkey Hensen. To get in call 319-560-3062. . $300 for the week end.

Jan. 2011: Rough Stock Riders take notice: We have over 700 head of roughstock consigned with many outstanding bucking prospects as well as many solid bucking horses and bulls. The sale is January 11,12, 2011 in Oklahoma City, OK at the State Fair Park fairgrounds starting at 9:00 a.m. both days.

There is $3000 added in each roughstock event. Fees are $30 per day. We pay each day as well as pay an average. Call ins are Jan. 3,4 at 612-839-9568. To be eligible for the average contestants have to ride both days. I the pst years the pay offs have been quite good as entry fees from over 250 contestants have been added back in!

IF you have any questions please contact 612-839-9568.

Notice the new e-mail for the URA is

Dec. 1st:

Estella J. Gregory

Benefit for the Justin Hamaker Family

Saturday, December 11

Decatur County Fairgrounds - North Building

6 AM Supper - Free Will Offering

Auction to Follow

To make a cash contribution

or to donate auction items

contact Kelly McFee - 641- 202-1029.


Nov. 15: Visitation for Justin Hamaker will be Saturday, Nov. 20 from 5-8pm at the Slade-Odonell funeral home in Leon, IA address: .103 Ne Mill Street. The funeral will be on Sunday, Nov. 21 at 1pm at the Leon Rodeo Grounds. Please continue to keep his family in your prayers.

Nov. 10, 2010: The thoughts and prayers of the URA go out Bill & Sharon Hamaker on the loss of their son, Justin, early this morning in an accident.

Finals update, Thursday night: The bareback riding was won by Billy Griffin on a Six Crowns horse, Matt Ory spurred a Buffington horse to win the saddle bronc riding and Jesse Tillman rode a Heartland bull to win the bullriding.

In the timed events, Chancey Larson set the pace in the steer wrestling to win the first round. Matt Adams and Derrick Younger teamed up to win the team roping and Jeanette Jilek roped quick to win the breakaway roping.

New daddy Brandon Sells won the calf roping and Gregg Ash won the over forty calf roping. Sandy Hobbs came back in style from her injury to win the barrel racing.

Year end races are heating up and the finals looks to be great the next two nights.


TEAM ROPERS: The team roping steers for finals will be roped at Troy Grays on Sunday, Oct. 31st at 1pm.

FINALS HOTEL INFORMATION: They are extending the URA rate, so call now and make your reservations. This is a great hotel with a complete free breakfast buffet and an indoor pool.

The host hotel this year is the Ramada Inn, Downtown.

Call 1-800-432-2424 and ask for the URA rate of $65 per night


United Rodeo Association Finals: Nov. 4, 5, 6, 2010 at Kansas Expo Centre, R.R. Domer Arena, Topeka, KS 7:30 pm nightly.

Make plans to attend and remember Friday night is Tough Enough to Wear Pink night.

Tickets available at the door each night or listen to 94.5 in Topeka for some upcoming ticket give-aways.


NEWS UPDATE Oct. 18, 2010: Don't forget to enter Shelbyville, MO tonight to start off the 2011 season.

Finals entry fees are due into the office by Oct. 25th, get them in the mail soon, also remember to vote for year end awards.

Judges Clinic: There will NOT be a judges clinic this year at the URA finals. One will be held later in the Spring for all judges.

STEER WRESTLERS: there will be a Steer Wrestling jackppot at Uniontown Kansas on October 24 at 1:30 p.m. on the cattle that will be used at the URA Finals


Woody Porter was injured this weekend full information can be found at

Our thoughts and prayers also go out to Runt Rageth, pickup man on the sudden death of his father in a vehicle accident.


Call In: Tuesday Oct. 12 from 6-9pm and Thursday, Oct. 14 from 5-7 pm.


Or you can enter by email at, you will receive a conformation email back if you enter by email.

You must call in or email to be entered in the finals

Entry Fees:  Fees this year will be $270 per event. Of that $200 will go into the payoff, $50 will help with finals costs and $20 will be returned to each contestant when they attend the general membership meeting on Saturday, Nov. 6th at10 a.m.. So if you come to the general membership meeting you will receive your $20 back in cash.

Stalls & Shavings: All timed event contestants get one stall and one bag of shavings with their entry. Additional stalls will cost $50 with one bag of shavings.

Address:  Fees are due by Oct. 25th and mail them to the URA at 1629 140th Road

Yates Center, KS  66783 Send in your fees in order to be eligible for finals.  If you everyone above you comes I will send you your money back.

Event Meetings:  Each director would like to meet with their contestants on Thursday night at 6:00pm to finalize all plans. Please be there for a short meeting with your director.

Order of Events:  Barebacks

Steer Wrestling

Team Roping

Breakaway Roping

Saddle Broncs

40 and Over Calf Roping

Barrel Racing

Calf Roping

Bull Riding


Positions:  Positions in the timed events will run from 15th to 1st based on year end standings the first performance and then from 15 to 1 based on average for the next two performances, except in the barrel racing.



Finals Check-In:  You can check in and get your passes for finals 2pm until 5:30pm on Thursday. You will get one extra pass for the weekend. URA cards will not admit anyone to the finals.


RV Hookups:  There are plenty of R.V. hookups on the grounds. You pay for them when you show up.

Host Hotel:  The host hotel this year is the Ramada Inn, Downtown. Call 1-800-432-2424 and ask for the URA rate of $65 per night. You must call before Oct. 13th to get this rate.


General Membership Meeting:  The meeting will be held on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. at the arena. Remember this year you get $20 back in cash from your finals fees when you attend the meeting. Rule proposals came out in the October newsletter.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night:   Friday night will be tough enough to wear pink night.

Awards:  All awards will be presented following the Saturday night performance at the arena. This will start as soon as the performance is over.

Rodeo of the Year and Stock of the Year:  Don’t forget to return your vote with your fees, the list is in your October newsletter.



NEWS UPDATE: Oct. 11, 2010: Finals entries will be taken on Tuesday, Oct. 12th from 6-9pm at 620-625-2566 and on Thursday, Oct. 14th from 5-7pm at the same number or you can email your entry in to If you email in you will get a conformation email back and you must email in before 7pm on Oct. 14th.

Many contestants have emailed their entries in and this seems to be the easiest way to enter finals. Remember fees are due by Oct. 25th into the URA office.


Standings are updated as going into finals. Finals letters have been sent out to everyone.


There will be a barrel race in Hawk Point, MO on Sunday, October 3rd.  There will be two go rounds and an average. There will be buckles given away for first in the average. This is a big outdoor pen with excellent ground. The arena is about an hour from Eureka which is the same weekend. Please check the website for more information.  


NEWS UPDATE: Sept. 7, 2010: The rodeos over the weekend went great, don't forget there are three rodeos this weekend.

Check out the insurance page for some new information that is available for you.


NEWS UPDATE Aug. 23, 2010: Kirksville, MO will offer Slack on Sunday morning at 10am only after both performances are full!!!

Oak Grove, MO will have a $500 bounty bull each night of their rodeo.

News Update Aug. 22, 2010: Remember if you were in the top 20 as of Aug. 1st you must return your ballot to Clint in order to come to finals.

Finals plans are underway and all the directors could use your help in coming up with sponsors and awards. Check out the sponsors page and see who sponsored the forty & over calf roping last year, many of these sponsors have great websites to check out.

Remember Kansas City is now slack only on Saturday night and each night begins at 7pm. Also check out the listing for Steelville on Sept. 10-11.

The cutoff for finals will be Eureka, MO on Oct. 1-2.

News Update Aug. 14, 2010: Two horses for sale by college student want to drive to school and not have to ride her horses to college.

Gelding is a black, 13 year old, Pacific Bailey bred, 1D local/2D big show barrel horse.

Also for sale is a two year old.  He is going really, really well. I started him this summer.  He will make a nice barrel horse or roping horse, he's going to be very broad!  I have roped a small heifer off of him and he handled nicely.  He's picking up leads, has a great stop, opens and shuts gates/sidepasses, counter flexes, rides in a an O ring but will be easy to upgrade to whatever he works with, backs out of trailer, stands for horseshoer, quiet....he's gonna be really nice.

Contact information on these two horses:

News Update Aug. 12, 2010

Trent Joy is home from the hospital and recovering nicely. He still has lots of recovering to do, but things are looking good from him.

Speaking of recovering it was great to see Larry and Estella Gregory at Hume over the weekend. Larry just finished his last treatments and was looking good. Friday night he even wore his white judging shirt so Estella could wash a white shirt again. It has been a long healing process but Larry is feeling lots better.

Ballots went out this week to everyone in the top twenty as of Aug. 1st. They have to be returned to Clint Tatum by Sept. 6th in order to elgible for finals. If you have any questions please call and ask.

News Update July 27, 2010

The thoughts and prayers from the URA go out to Trent Joy who was injured in a horse accident this weekend at home. He is in the hospital at Lincoln, NE and reports are that he is doing pretty good right now. You can send cards to him at 2300 S. 16th St. Lincoln, NE 68502 or call the hospital at 402-489-0200. Trent is in room 204. Also the hospital has e-cards that can be sent from this address:

St. Joe, Mo has cancelled their rodeo for this year, we all hope they are back with us next year.

Finals Personnel applications are due into the office by Aug. 4th. You can click here and find an application.


News Update July 23, 2010

Books for Warren, MN and Garden City, MN open July 23. Keep checking the schedule page and look ahead to books opening dates.

Also Menomonie, WI will be a 12:30 performance!!!

News Update July 12, 2010

Items from Larry Littrell for sale.

2000 Sundowner 3 Horse with a large living quarters area. It is loaded with extras including an LP generator, large awning, full bathroom, AC, heat, refrig, stove, microwave, mud room, collapsible rear tack, mangers, lots of storage and more. It is in excellant condition and has only had horses in it 3 or 4 times. Asking price is $30,000 Call Randy at 660-346-0997 or email He also had a really nice smaller Massey Ferguson tractor and loader with a brush hog, box blade and post hole digger that we are going to sell as well. The tractor has less than 500 hours on it and the box blade is brand new. Would like to sell them all together but will seperate if someone is interested. Also could you pass on behalf of our family our sincere thanks for all the words, thoughts, and prayers for Larry and us during this very difficult time. It is indeed a comfort knowing that so many people cared so much for him. He most definitely loved rodeo and every damned thing about it!! Wondered if you could advertise Larry's trailer for me. It is a 2000 Sundowner 3 Horse with a large living quarters area. It is loaded with extras including an LP generator, large awning, full bathroom, AC, heat, refrig, stove, microwave, mud room, collapsible rear tack, mangers, lots of storage and more. It is in excellant condition and has only had horses in it 3 or 4 times. Asking price is $30,000 Call Randy at 660-346-0997 or email me at He also had a really nice smaller Massey Ferguson tractor and loader with a brush hog, box blade and post hole digger that we are going to sell as well. The tractor has less than 500 hours on it and the box blade is brand new. Would like to sell them all together but will seperate if someone is interested. Also could you pass on behalf of our family our sincere thanks for all the words, thoughts, and prayers for Larry and us during this very difficult time. It is indeed a comfort knowing that so many people cared so much for him. He most definitely loved rodeo and every damned thing about it!!

Thanks Randy Littrell

NEWS UPDATE July 5, 2010

Longtime URA member and terrific horseman Larry Littrell passed away July 4th from pancreatic cancer. Funeral Arragements are as follows:

Visitation is Wednesday July 7th from 6 - 8 pm  @  Lindley Funeral Home in Chillicothe, Missouri  (2 blocks north of the Square on west side of US 65 )

Funeral will be Thursday July 8th @ 1:30 pm  @ Lindley Funeral Home with burial in the Wheeling Cemetery.

. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

NEWS UPDATE June 16, 2010

It doesn't seem possible but Fourth of July rodeos are almost here. Remember the books for Perry and Leon open on Sunday, June 20th and the books for Newark open on June 21st. Everyone needs to be considerate of this rodeo secretaries and work with them to put on the best possible rodeos during this busy time of the year. Remind your friends that it is time to start thinking about setting up your Fourth of July runs.

NEWS UPDATE June 13, 2010

Longtime URA member Bill Stephens passed away on Friday, June 11. Funeral services will be Weds. June 16 at 10am in Shenandoah, IA. Our sympathies go out to the family.

NEWS UPDATE: June 8, 2010

Please keep Larry Littrell in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes treatment for cancer in Houston.

Larry Gregory is on the road to recovery and still appreciates hearing from his rodeo family.

Check out the draws later this week for Tarkio on the Barnes and Sons Rodeo Co. facebook page.


NEWS UPDATE May 27, 2010

Be sure and check out the rodeo listings they have been updated, sadly Windsor, MO cancelled their rodeo for this year, we are hopeful they will be back with a rodeo next year. St. Joe, MO moved to August with an outdoor rodeo. There are more rodeos still coming into the office, so keep checking the website.

NEWS UPDATE May 15, 2010

Remember if you enter a rodeo and then no show you are responsible for your fees plus a $25 fine unless you find someone at the rodeo to pay your fees before the payoff is done at the rodeo.

May 31st at Uniontown, KS will be the 27th Annual Gerald Hazelbaker Memorial Day Calf Roping. There will be Brekaway roping for women and boys 13 and under at 10am, 2 head for $80, then at 11 am the open calf roping will start with 3 head for $150. This will be followed by the Over 50 calf roping also 3 head for $150. No earlier than 4pm will be the barrel race for $35, exhibitions are $5. For more information contact Doug Hazelbaker at 620-756-4117 or 417-850-2827. In case of rain the event will be moved to Fort Scott Community College.

NEWS UPDATE April 18, 2010

Here are the new rules for the 2010 season, rule books will be out soon.

United Rodeo Association changes to rulebook

All judges must carry a current, first approved rule book on their person when judging a rodeo. If rulebook is not carried he or she is subject to a $50 fine.

In breakaway roping unaltered three stranded string must be used.

In bareback and saddle bronc riding hot shot may only be used when agreed upon by contestant, stock contractor, and judges on when, how, and where hot shot is to be used.

The deadline to buy a card to be eligible for finals is Sept. 1st.

In team roping change the barrier to be a maximum of 4 feet under length of box unless preapproved by the director by the director and judges.

In the Barrel Racing when a center gate is available with an alleyway you must run in and run out keeping forward motion. No circling before or after the run or the contestant will be disqualified.

In the breakaway roping event, the flag judge shall be positioned a minimum of 50 feet and maximum of 150 feet down the side of the arena from the roping box.

In timed events:

All barriers in all timed events will be mechanical. The barrier height to be standardized 32 to 36 inches.










       If horse drags the calf to the point the flag judge or line judge have to assist in stopping the horse the contestant will be fined $25.

Stock contractors must submit a list in writing to the rough stock directors by entry deadline of final rodeos of the season of stock they want considered for finals.

Anytime an emergency vehicle of adequate medical personnel are present contestants may refuse to compete and entry fees must be refunded.

Any member or non-member using unnecessary profanity, threats, or rowdyism can be barred from the arena and/or disqualified or fined 25 dollars for the first offense, following offenses fines will be doubled.

The rider may not pull rigging with his hand already placed in the hand hold and must show hand to judge when pull is completed.

Time flag on the barrier may be red, white, yellow, or orange.

Steers must not be handled roughly and contestants will be fined if in the opinion of either judge they have intentionally done so.

All rule proposals must be submitted to the URA office 45 days prior to the fall membership meeting and must be signed by 10 members in good standing when submitted per proposal.

Finals contestants will now only get one coat at finals regardless of the number of events they qualify in.


NEWS UPDATE March 31, 2010

Alicia @ 816-448-9515 is looking for a used horse walker, condition doesn't matter, Give her a call if you have one in any condition.

NEWS UPDATE March 30, 2010

Not only do we have the three rodeos at Shelbyville in April produced by TNT now Heartland Rodeo has a rodeo scheduled for April 23-24 at Ft. Madison, IA. Please note that the books open early for the Ft. Madison rodeo.

Update on Larry Gregory, Larry is home and gaining strength, this warm weather will certainly help him out. Estella reports that he is eating better and gaining some weight back. He still appreciates calls, cards, and visits from all his rodeo friends.

The Lenox, IA rodeo committee just informed me of their website. check it out for more information on their rodeo.

Miss URA 2010 has a blog spot, check it out at

NEWS UPDATE March 18, 2010

Great news TNT Ranch will be having three rodeos in April at their new arena in Shelbyville, MO. These will be April 3, 10 and 17 each beginning at 1pm. Call to enter these rodeos on the monday prior to each rodeo at 573-898-5334. Lets's show great support to TNT for providing some Spring rodeos for everyone.

Remember if you don't have your membership bought for 2010 dues go up $10 on May 1st, so get your membership applications sent in now

NEWS UPDATE March 4, 2010

TNT Ranch & Rodeo Co. is having a bullriding school at Shelbyville, MO May 14-16. Only 15 riders will be accepted for the school. Call for more information: 573-248-9334 or 417-546-7526


NEWS UPDATE Feb. 21, 2010

Judging Clinic: There will be an MRCA/URA judging clinic on Feb. 27th at Higginsville, MO beginning at 9zm. Contact Jeremy Cornell for more information: 816-626-3270.

Longtime URA judge Larry Gregory is still facing health issues following his surgery that took place in September. He was feeling much better, but is back in the hospital at this time.

Larry is in Research Medical Center 2316 E. Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64132. Room 4239. Estella is staying with him and reports that the doctors are doing a great job and Larry plans to be back on the rodeo trail this summer. Visits, cards, phone calls, and prayers are requested as Larry and Estella face these days in the hospital.


We lost a great lady tonight as Maxine Gheer, of Rite N Gear Rodeo Co. passed away peacefully at her home with family present. The rodeo world mourns the loss of Maxine and offers our thoughts and prayers to her family.

Maxine Gheer December 25, 1939 - February 19, 2010 Osceola, Iowa

Visitation: Family will be present to receive friends from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at Ochiltree Funeral Service & Aftercare, Winterset, Iowa. Funeral Service: 10:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at Ochiltree Funeral Service & Aftercare, Winterset, Iowa. Interment: 4:00 p.m, Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at the Davenport Memorial Park Cemetery, Davenport, Iowa.

Maxine was born December 25, 1939 in Crowder, Missouri; the daughter of Dewell and Elta (Jones) Wise. She graduated from Bettendorf High School in 1957. Her marriage to Ivyl G. Gheer took place on May 24, 1958 in Pleasant Valley and to this union two sons were born, Rusty and Rick.

Maxine worked for Northwestern Bell beginning her career as an operator and retired in 1990 as an award winning supervisor. She was also an accomplished Graduate Instructor for Dale Carnegie; teaching effective public speaking and human relations. Maxine also co owned Rite-n-Gear Rodeo Company which was founded in 1999. She was a talented and tireless manager of her rodeo business of which she received many awards and much respect in rodeo circles.

Maxine is survived by her husband, Ivyl Gheer; a son, Rusty Gheer (Lynn) of Centerville; a daughter-in-law, Connie Gheer of Orient; a sister, Alice (Dewayne) Dykes of Bettendorf; a brother, Ernie (Sharon) Wise of Diagonal; 7 grandchildren, Amber Dickerson (J.D.) of Corpus Christi, TX; Katy Lambert (Kevin) of Brownwood, TX; Kendra Chism (Kerry) of Brownwood, TX; Leanna Gheer of Orient; Rachel, Molly and Camy Gheer all of Centerville; 2 step-grandchildren, Risa Cave of Clive; Lincoln Steele of Orient; 8 grandchildren, Lillian, Madison, Relee, and Dylan Dickerson, Trent Chism, Jalen Savage, and Noah and Nicholas Lambert and many nieces, nephews and a host of friends.

She was preceded in death by her parents; a son, Rick Gheer and a brother, Joe Wise.

Memorial contributions may be directed to the IRCA (Iowa Rodeo Cowboy Association) and the URA (United Rodeo Association).


The Feb. rodeo for Kansas City has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict at the American Royal. Be sure and check the schedule page for rodeos as they get sent into the office.

Cody Stephens: May 6, 1986 - January 16, 2010

Guest book can be signed at

Richard ‘Cody’ Stephens, 23, of Cherryvale, Ks (formerly of Monett, Mo), died January 16, 2010 at KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Ks. He was born May 6, 1986 to Randy and Toni (Stephens) Gower in Springfield, Mo.

Cody is survived by his parents; maternal grandparents, Paul Stephens of Monett, Mo; maternal great grandmother: Thelma Stephens of Washburn, Mo; paternal grandparents: Terry and Mary Gower of Welch, Ok and Ann Spahon of Baxter Springs, Ks; and two sisters: Ashley and Gannyn Gower of Cherryvale, Ks.

Cody was preceded in death by his maternal grandmother, Joan Stephens.

Cody was a student at the Coffeeville Kansas Community College. He attended the Cowboy Riverside Church in Nevada, Mo. He loved bull riding and was a member of several associations.

Visitation will be held Thursday January 21, 2010 from 5:00 till 8:00 pm at Bennett-Wormington Funeral Home in Monett, Mo. Services will be held 1:00 pm Friday January 22, 2010 at the funeral home with Rev Roger Beach officiating. Burial will follow at Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Monett, Mo.

Memorial donations can be made to Cody Stephens Medical Fund.

News Update Jan 14, 2010 News from Cody Stephens, 2007 URA rookie bullrider and 2007 finals champion, who has been fighting Luekemia for the past year, from Rodeo Attitude Sports Medicine:

Sitting in the family room with family and friends we talk about funny stories, and remember when’s. People laugh, people nap but in the grand scheme of things we are all here for Cody.

A special surprise for Cody on Wednesday night as Lindsay Sears came to visit. Cody sat very tall and proud in his hospital bed, big grin on his face and we all knew how happy he was.

Lindsey presented him with her round 2 championship buckle from this year’s National Finals Rodeo, signed autographs, posed for photos and spent the evening chatting and laughing with Cody, his family and friends.

Thursday and we are all back at the hospital, playing cards, visiting with Cody and his family. Each person is taking this one step at a time.

Sadly the outcome of this scenario is not positive. Cody has fought long and hard to keep his health and spirits high, however the sad reality is that the outcome does not look positive.

At this time, the family asks that you keep Cody in your thoughts and prayers. Updates will follow as they become available.

Check out for updates.

News update Jan. 7, 2010: Check out the rodeo listing page for new rodeos listed. Chuck and Regan are having two more rodeos at Kansas City this winter.


Merry Christmas to everyone and have a great 2010

DON'T FORGET TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP BEFORE JAN. 1ST. Also remember the New Years Eve Rodeo at Kansas City, MO. The books open Dec. 28th.

TEAM ROPING NEWS: There will be one last team roping at the Midway Indoor Heated Arena at Columbia, MO on Saturday, Dec. 12th. It starts at 11am. There will be a #13- 3 head progressive on 1 $20/man. There will be #11 - 3 head progressive on 1 with #9 incentive $20/man. Contact Darrell Smith for more information at: 573-355-2707

Update: Dec. 5, 2009:

The rodeo scheduled for Dec. 11-12 at Columbia has been cancelled.

There is a new rodeo New Years Eve at Kansas City, MO. Look on the schedule page for information about this event. It promises to be a great New Years Eve for everyone.

Remember to get your membership sent in for 2010 especially if you have points for 2010. Your membership needs to be in by Dec. 31, 2009.


News Update: Nov. 11, 2009: Thanks to our great sponsors such as Mid-West Roper Supply and Dodge Rodeo the finals were a great success.

Rex Strayer had an accident on his way home from finals and hurt his shoulder, the thoughts and prayers of the URA go out to Rex. Heal up cowboy.

The 2009 Rodeo of the Year was Kirksville, MO with Lenox, IA coming in as the runner-up. The new rodeo of the year was Newark, MO. Rite N Gear received bareback horse of the year, Heartland Rodeo owns the saddle bronc horse of the year and C.R. McKellips has the bull of the year.

Don't forget to get your memberships sent in by Dec. 31st to keep any points that you have from Cleaveland or Columbia for 2010. Your board of directors is working hard to make 2010 even better for the URA so plan to be a part of the URA in 2010.

Champions were crowned for 2009 at the conclustion of the finals. Rookie cowboy, Jake McKellips won the year end and finals all around for 2009.In the bareback riding Billy Griffin won another year end title and Bee Jay Scott was crowned the finals champion.Clinton Hubbard won the year end and finals championship in the steer wrestling.

Year end champion team ropers didn't have the finals that they planned on however thanks to a great rodeo season Troy Kitchner and Chad Mathes won the year end. Winning the finals were Jay Nellesen and Mark Hobbs who finished with a total of 19.5 on three.

In the breakaway roping Kim Spurgin once again showed that the finals belong to her as she roped her three calves in 9.8 to win the finals. Christy Smith won the breakaway for the year. In the saddle bronc riding Roy Toney won the finals and Jake McKellips won the year.

Dustin Jilek made a run in the calf roping finishing as the finals champion with a time of 30.6 and moved into second place for the year end, Wenten Reiter won the year end chamionship. In the over forty calf roping Bryan Reiter won the finals and the year end. Missy Bennett won another year end barrel racing championship, while Laura Swain was the finals champion.

Jeep Steenhoek dominated the bullriding winning all three go rounds and the average. and over $2,500. All Around champion Jake McKellips won the year end championship.

Friday night at the finals, another go round is in the books.

Jake McKellips moved into first in the All Around for the year end and Derrick Younger is winning the finals all around.

Justin Williams electrified the crowd with his first place bareback ride on Black Bart of C.R. McKellips for 79 points. Bee Jay Scott is leading the average with 156, tied for second are Billy Griffin and Justin Williams with 153. Tanner Rankin is sitting fourth with 150, Lane Larreau is next with 142 and Jon Combs has 139.

John Traul won the steer wrestling with a 4.7 Zac Parrington won a second with 4.8 and took the lead in the average with 10.4. Wes Huff didn't place in the go round but is placing second in the average with a total of 10.8. Sitting third is Clinton Hubbard with 11.8 and Jeff Miller is sitting in fourth with 13.8.

The team roping heated up tonight with Jason Jennings and J.R. Henderson coming up with a 4.8 run to win the go round. Jason Arndt and Derrick Younger are winning the average with a 12.7 and right on their heels are Jay Nellesen and Mark Hobbs with a 12.8.

In the breakaway roping Kim Spurgin showed her finals style roping one in 2.3 to win the go round. Shelby Wilson retained his lead in the average with 6.3 with Kim right behind in 6.4. Ryan Zuhlke is sitting third with his 7.5 and fourth is Becky Anderson with a 14.8.

Roy Toney and Jason Dryer split the Saddle Bronc Riding with 79 point rides. Jason rode Rite N Gears Chicken Biscuit and Roy rode Buffingtons Jet Ski. Jason is leading the average with 158, Brent Smith is sitting second with 150 and tied for third are Matt Ory and Roy Toney at 149.

In forty and over calf roping Kevin Wiseman tied his calf in 9.3 for first place. This moved him into first in the average with 18.9. Second is being split by Bryan Reiter and Greg Ash with 20.3. Tim Kraus is sitting fourth with 20.7.

Barrel Racing Stacie Coke ran the fastest time of the weekend with a 13.951. This moved her into first in the average with 28.447. Linda Kay won another second place check and is sitting second in the average with 28.454. Third in the average is Sandy Hobbs with a 28.560, and fourth is Ashley Fletcher with a 28.565.

Calf Roping was won by Cole Wilson with an 8 flat run. The average is being won by Dustin Jilek with 20.6, second is Brady Wilson with a 21.0, third is Trenton Johnson 21.7 and fourth is Cole Wilson with a 22.4.

Jeep Steenhoek won his second go round at finals. He scored 82 on Rite N Gears Wild Card. He is sitting first in the average with 161. Second is Jake McKellips with 151, third is Lance Oerman with a 78 and fourth is Bret Griffin with a 75.

Finals News: The first go round is now in the books and everything went great. The bareback horses were bucking great and Bee Jay Scott won the first go round on Six Crowns Mighty Bucky. Wes Huff then threw his steer in 4.4 to win the bulldogging. The team roping was won in 6.1 by Justin Newell and Adam Queen. Shelby Wilson roped one in 3.1 to capture the first go round in breakaway roping. In saddle bronc riding Jason Dryer scored 79 on Outlaws Electric Gypsy.

In the forty and over calf Tim Kraus tied one in 9.5 to win the go round. Laura Swain finished the pattern 14.204 to capture first place honors. In calf roping Derrick Younger tied one in 9.3 to win the go round. Then to finish up the rodeo Jeep Steenhoek rode the bull of year 311 Smoke Signal of C.R. McKellips for 79 points to win the go round.

Everyone is encouraged to attend the next performance of the finals on Friday night beginning at 7:30pm.

NEWS UPDATE Nov. 4, 2009: At Topeka everything is looking great for the finals. The arena is set up and stock is arriving. The weather looks great for a great finals. Everyone is encouraged to attend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night with performances starting at 7:30 each night.

NEWS UPDATE: Oct. 27, 2009: Send cards to Larry Gregory at Cass Co. Hospital 1800 E. Mechanics, Harrisonville, MO 64701 or call him at 816-380-3474 Room 216 or better yet go visit Larry at the hopsital. He loves to have company and it certainly makes the time go by faster.


NEWS UPDATE: Oct. 26, 2009

Get well wishes go out to Larry Gregory who is recovering from surgery at the hospital in Harrisonville, MO. Hopefully he will be home in a few days, but the best wishes of everyone in the URA goes out to Larry and Stella.

Tyler Harris, qualified for the finals in the steer wrestling and then he got hurt playing high school football this last weekend and will have to miss finals. Get well wishes are extended to Tyler as he heals up.

Finals will be Nov. 5-7 and everyone needs to attend and support the URA. The general membership meeting will be Nov. 7th at 10am at the arena and the judging clinic will follow on Sunday, Nov. 8th at 10 am also at the arena. The buckles and saddles have arrived and the coats are on their way. Also Kim Tatum has done a great job again this year with prizes for the contestants at finals.

We will have over 10 vendor booths at finals so be sure and check them all out. We have three fantastic Miss URA contestants and that competition will take place on Friday, with the new Miss URA being crowned on Saturday night.

NEWS UPDATE Oct. 6, 2009

Finals letters have gone out to everyone in the top 20. Call in is Oct. 14 and 15 from 6pm to 9pm. Finals entry fees are due by Oct. 27th. Also don't forget to vote for rodeo of the year and stock of the year by Oct. 27th.

The finals hotel is the Ramada Inn, downtown. Call 1-800-432-2424 and ask for the United Rodeo Association special rate.

There will be around 10 or 11 booths at the finals this year so come ready to shop while at the finals. Also be sure and notice our sponsors such as Dodge Rodeo and Mid West Roper Supply. Check out Mid West Roper Supply at their website to see all the items they offer.

Friday night at finals will be the Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night so come prepared with your pink shirts. I hear the bullfighters will be decked out in new pink URA finals jerseys this year. The bullfighters are Derek Search and Matt Cook. Pickup Men are Clint Tatum and Mike Flattery.

The judges clinic will by on Sunday, Nov. 8th at 10am at the arena in Topeka. Make plans to attend this clinic for 2010.


NEWS UPDATE Sept. 27, 2009

All rodeos are up and in the standings except for Eureka. Thoses results will be up as soon after the rodeo as possible.

NEWS UPDATE Sept. 25, 2009

FINALS: Information packets will be going out after the Eureka, MO rodeo. Please contact Muff if you have questions on the standings. Finals sponsors ads need to be sent to Kim Tatum by Oct. 1st to be included in the program.

Oct. 10th there will be a Bill Huber Benefit Ropin' at Bloomfield, IA. They will have breakaway roping and calf roping with a live auction and also a hog roast. Contact Bryan Reiter: 417-869-8771, Dan Davis 641-680-6751 or J.D. Sinnif 641-799-3615 for more information.

Oct. 18th the Kansas State University Rodeo Club is having an open team roping jackpot at Cico Park in Manhattan, KS beginning at 10am. This will be a four head progressive with a #9 and #12 slide run together. There will also be a silent auction during the roping to benefit the rodeo team. For more information contact Julia 913-709-7468



NEWS UPDATE Sept. 4, 2009

Miss URA 2010 applications are ready, please contact the office for an application, the contest will take place Nov. 6 and 7 in "Topeka, KS



Anyone wanting to send a card to Maxine Gheer her address is 400 McPherson, Osceola, IA 50213

Connie Gheer, Ricks widows address is: 3259 260th St. Orient, IA 50858



The URA lost a member, judge, chute opener and all around good guy tonight, Rick Gheer passed away following a heart attack. Our deepest sympathy is extended to his family.

Services for Rick will be held on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 1pm at the Ochiltree Funeral Home in Winterset, IA. Visitation will be Saturday, Aug. 22 from 10am until 1pm at the Funeral Home. An online guest book can be signed at



Greg Clement found a pair of spurs at the Mound City, MO rodeo. If they are yours please contact him at to claim them.

Grand River, IA: The Silver Spur is helping to celebrate with Grand River Rodeo Co., for being in business for 43 years. This weekend come early to the Silver Spur and enjoy a free dinner from 4-8pm and then receive a coupon for a free beverage after the rodeo. The Silver Spur is on Main Street on the south corner. Saturday night there will also be a mechanical bull at the Silver Spur.

Aug. 29: The Cody Stephens benefit bullriding is taking place in Coffeyville, KS. Contact Johnny Weil at Coffeyville Community College

Also there is a Barrel racing in Cameron, MO on

Aug. 29 to benefit Louetta Shaw. Contact Christi Durfey @ 816-383-3557 for more information.

Team Roping School: Kinney Harrell and Marshall Samples are teaming up to put on a team roping school at Garden City, MO on Aug. 29-30. Call to make your reservations with Matt Wansing @ 816-773-6426.



NEWS UPDATE Aug. 9, 2009

Six Crowns is having trouble with their phone line and they will take entries on their cell phone until the phone line is fixed (hopefully late Monday morning). Skeets cell phone is: 660-287-0169. Please be patiencome to Tonganoxie and he will be working hard to get everyone entered.

Ballots have been mailed out to the top twenty as of Aug. 1. This list is on the standings page, please remember you must return you ballot to Clint T"atum 5115 N.E. Shaffer Rd. Topeka, KS 66617 in order to be elgible for finals. All ballots have to be to Clint by Aug. 20. If you don't receive your ballot by the end of this week (they are all in mail as I write this) please let me know so I can get you another one. No one wants to miss out on finals!!

Rick Gheer suffered a heart attack last. He is in Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, IA. Ron and I were able to visit him over this weekend. He is still heavily medicated, so he wasn't able to visit. Talking with his mother, Maxine, she seemed optimistic on how he was doing. Cards can be sent to Mercy Hospital or you can go on their website and send him an E-card. The thoughts and prayers of the entire URA are with Rick and his family at this time.


NEWS UPDATE July 29, 2009

Memberships must be bought before Aug. 1st to attend finals. Memberships after Aug. 1st allow you to enter the rest of the rodeos, but you must buy a 2010 for next year.

Please be considerate of the secretaries and pay your fees as soon as you arrive on the grounds and remember to give them time to figure the payoff. They don't want to make mistakes, but sometimes it is hard when everyone is wanting their money, just be glad that you are winning and be considerate of the secretaries.


NEWS UPDATE July 23, 2009

Letters have gone out to judges, pickup men, timers, bullfighters, and secretaries to apply for the finals. If you don't receive one and have worked three URA first approved rodeos please contact Muff for an application. They are due back into the URA office by Aug. 4th.

Once all rodeos through Aug. 1st reach the office ballotts will go out to the top twenty. Remember you must return your ballot in order to be elgible for the finals. We will post on the website when ballots go out and when they are due. DON'T forget to send back your ballots as soon as you receive them.

Help your directors gather sponsors for your event for finals. Your directors work hard and they need the help of every contestant, even if you only get a small donation 15 small donations add up and help out your event at finals.


NEWS update July 14, 2009

The Fourth of July rodeos were great for many of our members. There were several injuries, the ones I have heard of so far are Randy Brandenburg tore up his knee and broke his leg at Hepler. We wish him well as he recuperates. Cory VanDenHuevel blew out his knee over the fourth as well. Pickup man Tim Tiedman reportdly broke his foot at White Cloud. Kyle McGee got a compression fracture to his back at Perry and will be out for the rest of the summer. I'm sure there were more injuries, but entries are still looking good for the rest of July.

Remember if you enter a rodeo you have to show up or send your fees and $25 within 10 days or you will be fined. Stock contractors count on you showing up if you enter their rodeos.



If you need entered in Newark, MO please call Terry Moreland at 573-248-9334 before July 1st.

News update: June 23, 2009

June 23 is the day for the books for Newark, don't miss out on this rodeo, be sure and call and get entered.

Buy your memberships now so you will be ready for the Fourth of July rodeos, if you buy your membership at a rodeo make sure you get a receipt so you can use that until you get your card.

Remember you must pay your fees or you owe your fees and a $25 fine if the money isn't to the rodeo secretary before the payoff for that event is done.

News Update June 10, 2009

The thoughts and prayers of the URA go out to Dale Nelson as he underwent heart surgery this week. Stacey reports that he is doing good and hopes to get home this weekend.

Kim Tatum is busy getting donations for finals. Check out the sponsor page for new sponsors and be sure and thank them for supporting the URA.

Personnal lists are on the schedule page.

Remember all memberships must be bought by Aug. 1st to qualify for finals. Don't forget you can save $10 by getting your newsletter by email. Many members are taking advantage of this offer this year.

Keep watching entry dates for rodeos as many of the Fourth of July rodeos open early. Don't miss out on the ones you want to enter.

News update May 22, 2009

Burlingame, KS went great in spite of the weather before the rodeo. Everyone who was entered and didn't show is reminded to send your entire entry fees into the URA office within 10 days of the rodeo. The board of directors met and decided that since the rule book read two different ways on no shows this is how Burlingame would be handled; however, from now on whenever you no show you will not only owe your entry fees but also $25 extra, if you do not get your entry fees to the rodeo secretary prior to payoff for that rodeo.

Please remember this as the summer goes on and make every attempt to be there if you are entered.

26th annual Gerald Hazelbaker Memorial Day Calf Roping and Barrel Racing:

Monday, May 25 at Uniontown, KS beginning at noon with barrel racing $25 entry fee, followed by the calf roping not before 12:30 with 3 head for $150. Then the 50 plus calf roping 3 head for $120, followed by the girls, womenn and 13 & Under boys breakaway ropng 2 head for $50. For more information contact Glenn Smith @ 620-756-4676 or Doug Hazelbaker @ 620-756-4117. Come watch on the biggest calf ropings around. No charge for spectators. In case of rain it will be moved indoors to Twisters at Ft. Scott.

Bullfighter, Andy Thompson: is out for the season and the thoughts and prayers of the URA are with him and his family as he faces possible surgery.


News Update April 30, 2009


Cody Stephens, 2007 URA finals champion bullrider has began his fight with Leukemia at K.U. Med Center in Kansas City. He just finished a round of chemo and according to his mom he is holding up real good. Cody is in room 4102 so keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he battles this illness.

Chris Jobe, Saddle Bronc Rider and Kari Shiflett Invite everyone to attend their wedding on May 16at 2pm at Loyd Lake, Larado, MO and then to attend the graduation/wedding celebration that evening at 8 pm at the Jobe's residence 623 SW Hwy F, Jamesport, MO. Please RSVP by May 10 to 660-684-6952.

Steer Wrestling and Hazer school: URA member, Rodney Burks, 2008 PRCA Heartland Rodeo SW Champion and many time NFR  hazer, will be conducting a one day Steer Wrestling/Hazing clinic in Kansas City on May 31st. Please contact him for more information at 501-909-9191.

News update: April 6, 2009

Andy Thompson and Bret Griffin were both hurt over the weekend in seperate bullriding accidents. Keep them both in your prayers as they recover.

Rodeo Approvals: Check out the listings, there are more rodeos coming in the office all the time. We will start off with a new rodeo at Mound City, KS on May 8-9. Williams and Long Rodeo Co. is putting on this rodeo and I’d encourage everyone to go and support them.

Then the next weekend Chuck and Regan are having the rodeo at Burlingame, KS which always draws a great crowd and great contestants. Then Memorial Day weekend Heartland Rodeo Co. has a new rodeo at Milan, MO.

Keep checking the website for more approvals as they come in.

Steer Wrestling and Hazer school: URA member, Rodney Burks, 2008 PRCA Heartland Rodeo SW Champion and many time NFR  hazer, will be conducting a one day Steer Wrestling/Hazing clinic in Kansas City on April 25th. Please contact him for more information at 501-909-9191.

Barrel Racing $500 Giveway: URA members Cindy Hebenstriet and Kevin Hebenstriet want everyone to know that there will be barrel racing jackpots on April 5, May 16, and June 7 at Hebenstriet Arena and on April 18, May 30 and June 14 at O’Rourke Arena. Please contact Cindy at 913-709-3303 or Kevin at 913-909-0332 for more information.

April 25th: The Santa Fe FFA Chapter is holding a Barrel Racing Jackpot at the Lafayette County Fairgrounds in Higginsville, MO. For more information contact Bailey Conner at 660-6313-9578.


News update: March 26, 2009

Check out the schedule page for some of the upcoming rodeos. Be sure and note the new ones listed including the first one of the Spring in Mound City, KS.

Keep watching for more rodeos as this looks to be a great year for the URA. Remember to renew your membership now before May 1st and save $10. Save $10 more by getting your newsletter by email.


News update:  March 10, 2009

Miss URA 2009: Kara has been busy promoting the URA, be sure and check out her website at

Jackpots: Monty and Jayna Dyer are having Jackpots at their arena at Ottawa, KS on March 29, April 5, April 11 and April 26. They will have open tie down, forty and over tie down, novice tie down, ribbon roping along with youth breakaway and goats. Please call them for more information 785-255-4508

Dittmer Stables in Runnels Iowa: They will be having an Animal Krackers clinic on April 3-5 at their stable. You can attend the clinic or just schedule an appointment for your horse. Please contact Vickie or Scott for more information at 515-263-9351. You can also look them up on the web at

Jake Harbin is getting married: URA saddle bronc rider Jake Harbin is marrying Kristin Norton on April 25th at 5pm in Tarkio, MO. They would like to invite everyone to attend the wedding,  supper and D.J. at the Tarkio Community Building, which is located just up the hill from the Tarkio Arena.

Everyone is encouraged to join them for the party.

Bull Riding School: TNT Ranch will be offering a bullriding school on May 1-3, 2009 with instructor John Adrian. You must enroll by April 20th and only 15 riders will be accepted.

For more information contact Terry Moreland at

573-248-9334 or 573-633-1057.

Barrel Racing Clinic: June 19-21 at the Double G Arena in Sterling, Illinois there will be a Marlene McRae Clinic. Call 309-582-0962 for more information.

Upcoming Rodeos Check out entry information on schedule page.

May 15-16: Burlingame, KS

May 23-24: Milan, MO

June 5-6: Cameron, MO

June 12-13: Harrisonville, MO

June 12-13: Washington, KS

June 12-13: LaBelle, MO

June 18-19: Odessa, MO

June 19-20: Adel, IA

June 27-28: Lake City, IA

July 2-4: Bloomfield, IA

July 3-4: White Cloud, KS

July 3-4: Hepler, KS

July 9: ElDora, IA

July 10-11: Holden, MO

July 10-11: Fremont, NE

July 16-17: Ottawa, KS

July 17-18: Pleasant Hill, MO

July 17-18: Pilot Grove, MO

July 20-21: Afton, IA

July 21: Centerville, IA

July 23: Corder, MO

July 23-24: Paola, KS

July 23-25: Lenox, IA

July 24-25: Corydon, IA

July 31-Aug. 1: Hume, MO

Aug. 7-8: Maxwell, IA

Sept. 4-5: Kirksville, MO

Sept. 6-7: Eskridge, KS

Sept. 25-26: Bible Grove, MO

News Update - Jan. 26, 2009

Graber arrangements - James Graber, 20, of Jamesport, MO was killed on his way home from the bullriding held at the Event Center in Sioux City, Iowa, on Saturday, January 24. He was a member of the Bullriders of America (BOA), United Rodeo Association (URA), National Federation of Professional Bullriders (NFPB) and the North American Bullriders Association (NABA). James was sitting 12th in the BOA standings and was in his rookie year. He had learned bullriding from his mentor and friend, PBR bullrider Willy Ropp, and his next event was to be the NABA Finals. Willy said he was very proud that he had won his first URA top five buckle and now was qualified for the NABA Finals. He had covered his first bull Saturday night for 70 points and qualified for the short-go where he was bucked off. James was also a frequent rider on the Extreme Bullriding Tour presented by Rodeo Attitude and extremely well liked by everyone.

The accident occurred on Interstate 29 at mile marker 95.15 at 10:43 PM. There was snow on the roadway at the time of the accident. James was traveling south and had just passed a semi when he lost control of his vehicle and went into the west ditch. He returned to the roadway in front of the semi which was unable to avoid him, hitting him broadside.

Visitation will be Wednesday, January 28th at James' family home at the address listed below from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The family encourages any of James's rodeo family and friends to attend the visitation, as they are interested in meeting his rodeo friends. The funeral will be at the same location on Thursday, January 29th beginning at noon. This is an Amish funeral but it is not a private funeral as some might have heard and the family has expressed that everyone is extremely welcome to attend and pay their final respects to James.

Directions to the farm:

Go to Jamesport, MO. Take Hwy F east out of town about 3 miles until you cross a railroad track. After crossing railroad track take the frst gravel road to the right. It is the first house on right side of road.

Cards may be sent to:

Jake Graber Family

761 SW 68th Avenue

Jamesport, MO 64685

(The above information was compiled by Cindy Meyers, Rodeo

James Andrew Graber

James Andrew Graber was born on October 8, 1988 in Millersburg, Ohio to Jake and Mary (Bontrager) Graber. He passed away on January 24, 2009 as a result of a car accident in Harrison County, Iowa. When James was 8 years old his family moved from Ohio to Jamesport, MO where he resided until death. James was a special person who tended to look on the bright side of live and will be greatly missed by everyone whom was blessed to know him. He leaves behind to mourn him: his parents; 3 brothers and 5 sister - Rachel Sue married to Richard Kauffman; Danny Joe, Steven Ray, Marie Elizabeth, John Edward, Sara Mae, Anna Kay and Laura Faye, all of the home; grandparents Mrs. Sara Bontrager and Jake and Lydia Graber of Jamesport; also a nephew Conrad Neal and a niece, Alayna Mae, who dearly loved their Uncle James.

He was preceded in death by a grandmother, Anna (Knepp) Graber, a step grandmother, Katie (Wengard) Graber, a grandfather, Enos Bontrager and 3 cousins who had cystic fibrosis.

News Update - Jan. 25, 2009

URA bull rider James Graber was killed last night in a car wreck on his way home from a Bull Riders of America event in Sioux City, IA. The thoughts and prayers of the URA go out to Graber's family and friends. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

News Update - Jan. 4, 2009

Judging Clinic: Become an MRCA - URA Approved Judge by attending a clinic Feb. 21 at Columbia, MO at Midway Expo beginning at 8 a.m. Contact Jeremy Cornell for more information at 816-626-3270.

Winter Rodeos: The turnout has been great at Columbia so far. Keep it up, and spring will be here before we know it.

News Update - Dec. 14

Finals Coats: Extra 2008 Finals coats are for sale for $60 including postage. Large and extra large available. Contact Muff at 620-625-2566 to order one.

New Addition: URA pickup man Cody Wright recently announced the birth of his daughter, Libby Jean, at 3:23 a.m. Dec. 13. Mom Cassie and baby are doing well and plan to come home Monday. Libby's family also includes grandparents Barry and Shirley Wright, and aunt Tenysa. Libby weighed 6 pounds, 12 ounces and was 20 inches long.

News Update - Dec. 4

For Sale: size 9 medium lift bareback rigging with pad and latigos, a neck roll, a 7 3/8 bulltough helmet, a right handed brazilian style bullrope with a 9 plait tail and 5 plait handhold, with a rope bag and rope pad, size 11 D olathe riding boots, and medium tall ride right multi event vest. Call Derek at 417-840-6963.

SAVE $10 on your membership: The Board has decided to give everyone who agrees to receive their newsletters by e-mail $10 off of their membership dues. This makes URA membership a great bargain. Just make a note on your application your email address and send Muff an email.

Finals: The 2008 finals were great, thanks to everyone for making the finals fantastic. The URA finals will be in Topeka in 2009 and 2010 so make plans to be there.

Rule Changes: The following rule changes passed at the general membership meeting.

1. In the rough stock events (barebacks, saddle broncs, and bull riding) every contestant must be 16 and older unless they hold a membership in their state High School Rodeo Association.

2. Women and boys (who are fourteen and

under) may enter the breakaway roping. Jan. 1st of the current year will determine the official age for boys.

3. Set up a rules committee to go through therule book and delete duplicate rules and organize the rule book. They will not be adding any rules. On the committee will be each event director and one other person from each event.

New Directors: The new directors for 2009 are: Matt Ory, Saddle Broncs; Kevin Wiseman, Calf Roping; Doug Hazelbaker, Forty & Over Calf Roping; Dana Richardson, Barrel Racing; and Bob Courtney, Contract Acts. The new vice-president is Angela McGraw.

News Update - Nov. 24

URA barrel racer Renea Bolling's mother, Ramona Beech, was killed in a car-bull collision Sunday evening near Creston, Iowa. Renea's father, Doc, broke a kneecap in the wreck, but is recovering at home. Please keep the Beech family in your thoughts and prayers.

Ramona Beech, 74, died November 23, 2008 at the Greater Regional Medical Center in Creston, Iowa following an automobile accident.

Ramona was born September 25, 1934 to Rhoeine and James Quirk in Des Moines, Iowa. She graduated from East High in 1952. On September 5, 1953, Ramona was united to Robert Beech. To this union four children were born.

She was always very active and she enjoyed gambling; boating and cooking, most important to her were her family and her grandchildren. Since 2000 she had worked as an office manager for Double B Productions, prior to that she owned and operated Fur, Fin and Feather in Polk City.

Surviving family include her husband of 55 years, Dr. Robert L. Beech of Greenfield; her daughters, Robin (Jerry) Travis of Murray, Iowa, Rebecca (Doug) Geidel of Greenfield, and Renea (Lee) Bolling of Greenfield; her six grandchildren and one great grandson; her brother, Dr. Michael (Barbara) Blacksmith of Hazen, North Dakota and half-brother, Steven (Linda) Quirk of West Des Moines, Iowa. She was preceded in death by her parents; and a son, Ross Beech.

Funeral Services will be 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at Hamilton’s near Highland Memory Gardens, 121 NW 60th Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. Following the services she will be cremated and the burial of cremated remains will take place at Laurel Hill Cemetery at a later date. Friends may visit with family from 6 – 8 p.m., Tuesday, at the funeral home.

Memorial Contributions may be made to the Grant Park Christian Church in Des Moines, in loving memory of Ramona.

News Update - Nov. 14

Finals: Wow!! Another great finals is over. The action was fast and furious at the finals this year and everyone is glad that the URA has signed a deal with Topeka to be back in Topeka in 2009 and 2010.

Finals Photos: The finals photographer was Christina Callihan and her number is 573-680-5087. She got great photos of everyone at finals.

Online Photo Gallery: Everyone is encouraged to also check out the Topeka paper website and look in the spotted photo galleries for the URA Finals. There was a photographer there who took lots of photos of the finals. We want to thank him for coming and putting some great photos up on the Capital Journal website.

Board: The Board of Directors did a great job this year putting on such an awesome finals in a year when many rodeo associations are struggling. New members were elected to the Board and they include: Angela McGraw as Vice-President, Matt Ory: Saddle Bronc Riding, Kevin Wiseman: Calf Roping, Doug Hazelbaker: Forty and Over Calf Roping, Jayna Dyer: Breakaway Roping, Dana Richardson: Barrel Racing, and Bob Courtney: Contract Acts. Your new Board has met and is ready to start working on the 2009 season.

Email Discount: Their first item of business was to offer a $10 discount on everyones membership if you sign up for email newsletters. You need to write your email on your application and send an email to Then you will only owe $65 for your membership, probably the cheapest membership for a rodeo association out there. We are trying to cut costs in the office and help each of you out at the same time.

Memberships: Remember in order for any points to count for 2009 if you are a 2008 member you have to buy your membership before Jan. 1st. Go ahead and send it in now remember if you sign up for the email option the cost is only $65.

News Update - Nov. 11

Charlie Cannon's visitation will be Thursday Nov. 13 from 5:30-8pm at the Trinity Christian Church. Memorial service will be Friday, Nov. 14 at 1 pm at Trinity Christian Church, 16773 State Hwy 2, Decatur, IA. Burial will follow in the church cemetery. The church is located on Hwy 2 approx. 1.5 miles west of I-35. Charlie's son David Cannon is a former URA President.

News Update - Nov. 10

Barbara Bennett, 66, of Greenwood, MO, passed away Friday, November 7, 2008 at Lee's Summit Medical Center. Memorial service will be 12 Noon, Monday, Nov. 10, at Langsford Funeral Home. Visitation from 10 a.m. to Noon. Memorial Contributions may be made to J.A. Institute for Animal Health. Barbara enjoyed training her Border Collies and her working sheep. She supplied all the sheep for the Rodeos in the Kansas City area including the American Royal. Barbara especially enjoyed all the children in the Mutton Busting event. She is survived by her husband Jim Bennett, her son Chad Buchanan and wife Becky, and two step- daughters, Kendra McKinzie and husband Rick, and Denise Bennett. Also her granddaughter Shelby Buchanan, and grandsons Luke Brechison, Kyle McKinzie, and Kasey McKinzie. Arr. Langsford Funeral Home, 115 SW 3rd Street, Lee's Summit, MO 64063, 816-524-3700.

News Update - Oct. 2

Curtis Stark, 21 of Lovilia, Iowa, was killed in a car accident at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 30. He was the son of Doug and Cindy Stark and was active in Iowa High School RodeoAssociation, the Iowa Rodeo Cowboys Association, and the United States Team Roping Championships. Doug is an IRA pickup man, and Curtis's sister Katie once served as Miss IRA. The entire URA family sends out their sympathies to the Stark family. Condolences may be sent to Doug and Cindy Stark, 6428 110th Street, Lovilia, IA 50150. Memorial contributions may be made to the Iowa High School Rodeo Association.

News Update - Oct. 1

Finals: The 2008 URA finals are just around the corner. Everyone needs to plan to join the top fifteen in all events on Nov. 6, 7,8 at Topeka. The finals are held at the RR Domer Arena on the Ks. ExpoCentre grounds.

The finals will add $3,000 per event with entry fees of $270. Every contestant at finals who attends the general membership meeting on Satuday, Nov. 8 will get $20 back in cash for attending the meeting.

The schedule is:

Thursday, Nov. 6

10am: run all calves through the chutes

2-5:30pm:  Contestant Check in at stall offices                             

5:30pm:  Finals Personnel meeting

6pm:  Contestant Meeting with directors at arena

7:30pm:  First Performance

Friday, Nov. 7

9am:  Stock Contractor and directors breakfast

7:30pm:  Second Performance Tough Enough to wear Pink Night

Saturday, Nov. 8

10am:  Judges clinic for 2009 at the arena

2:30pm:  General Membership meeting at the arena

5:30pm:  Cowboy Church at the arena

7:15pm:  Crowning of Miss URA 2009

7:30pm:  Grand Entry with all contestants, third performance

Following performance:  Awards Ceremony

The finals are always great and this year looks to be even better. Encourage everyone you know to come out and support the finals. Tickets can be purchased at the gate each and every night for the finals.

Letters will be going out to everyone in the top twenty after Eureka. Be sure and read your letters carefully and don’t miss any deadlines. If you aren’t in the top twenty please call in and let the office that you are interested in going if a position opens up.

Calls in for finals will be:  Monday, Oct. 13 and Wednesday, Oct. 15 from 6-9pm at 620-625-2566. Everyone must call in and let Muff know that you are coming. Finals entry fees are due into the URA office by Oct. 23.

News Update - Aug. 29

2008 Finals: The 2008 URA finals will be Nov. 6-8

at Topeka, KS. This isn’t very far away. The Board is

busy planning the finals. Friday night will be “Tough

Enough to Wear Pink Night” so be getting out your

pink and get ready to support this special night at the


Host Hotel: The host hotel is the Senate Suites.

Their number is: 785-233-5050, be sure and ask for

the United Rodeo Association rates. They have a

variety of rooms available. Call early to get your


Directors: Directors up for election this year are:

Vice-President, Saddle Broncs, Calf Roping, Forty &

Over Calf Roping, Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing,

Stock Contractor, and Contract Acts. Nominations

can be sent into the URA office before Oct. 15th .

Rule Changes: Rule change proposals to be

considered at the general membership meeting will be

accepted until Sept. 23rd for inclusion in the October

newsletter. All rule proposals must be sent in by Sept.

23rd and the Board is asking that each member only

submit three rule change proposals.

Finals Personnel: Working at the finals this year will

be announcer: Brandon McLagan, secretary: Regan

McKellips, Timers: Amy Davis & Tenysa Wright,

Pickup Men: Mike Flattery & Clint Tatum, Bullfighters, Andy Thompson & Brandon Lindsey; Judges, Larry Gregory & Ron McGee, Barrelman, Bob Courtney, Photographer, Christina Callihan. They will be working to make the 2008 finals the best finals yet.

Minutes: Minutes of the last two URA board meetings are enclosed in the September newsletter. I was unable to attend the July meeting and Kim Tatum did a fantastic job of keeping notes. I just failed to get them in the last newsleter. If you have any questions about what goes on at the board meetings please ask your director. This is your association and the directors work hard to make the right decisions for the entire association.

Team Ropers: There will be a team roping at Holt, MO, at the Grays on Saturday morning, Sept. 20. Warmups will be begin at 9am with 3 head progressive and then 6 head progressive.

Finals Cutoff: The cutoff for finals will be Oct. 5th at

the conclusion of the Eureka, MO rodeo.

Bible Grove, MO rodeo is cancelled, hopefully they will have a rodeo next year.

News Update - Aug. 25

Wooten Funeral - The URA's sympathies go out to the Wooten Rodeo Company family after Don Wooten, co-owner of Wooten Rodeo Company, died Saturday afternoon, Aug. 23. Visitation will be Wednesday, Aug. 27 from 3-8 p.m. at Brown Funeral Home, 103 4th Street, Hillsboro, MO. The funeral will be Thursday, Aug. 28 at 1 p.m. at the funeral home.

News Update - July 31

Fulton Rodeo - The rodeo scheduled for tonight and tomorrow night at Fulton, MO, has been cancelled due to flooding.

News Update - July 26

Finals Personnel - Applications for finals personnel have been mailed. If you did not receive one, please contact the office. Applications are due Aug. 1.

News Update - July 15

Corydon, Iowa: The books for Heartland's July 25-26 rodeo at Corydon are open early - Thursday, July 17 from 6-9 p.m. Complete details on the rodeo can be seen on the Schedule page.

News Update - July 10

Fourth of July Injuries/Illnesses - Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July run. Several contestants got banged up, but all seem to be healing. Matt Boos spent a little time getting his teeth taken care of, but he was back to watch the next evening. Shane Stone reinjured his knee and will be taking it easy for a little while. Troy Gorrell also injured his knee and was limping by the time the weekend was over. Caleb Hines reseperated his shoulder in the bullriding. Doug and Jana Hazelbaker are glad to have their little one home. They have good things to say about the hospital in Leon and the care they received there and at Childrens Mercy in Kansas City, but it is nice to be home.

Benefit Roping - There is a benefit Round Robin Team Roping for the Bill Applegate family on Sunday, July 13 beginning at 10am at the Leon Rodeo arena. Lee Bob Bolling is taking entries. Contact him at 641-745-5836 for more information. There will also be a silent auction with all donations accepted. Come and help the family of a former URA member who was injured in a horse accident and is currently in the CCU in Des Moines.

News Update - June 19

Entries are good for rodeos so far this summer.

New Approval: Sullivan,MO is having a URA/MRCA rodeo on June 26. Outlaw Rodeo Productions will have the stock. Complete details are on the schedule page.

Early Books: Also please remember that Leon, IA and Perry, MO both have their books open this Sunday June 22. Don't miss the entry dates for the Fourth of July rodeos.

News Update - June 1

Team Roping Change: Versailles, MO, and Odessa, MO, are allowing team ropers to enter twice. If this changes at any other rodeos, we will note it on the rodeo listing and on this page.

Congratulations to Jeanette Lisby and Dustin Jilek on their recent marriage.

News Update - May 27

Looking Ahead: Rodeo approvals are coming into the office, keep checking the website for more listings.               

Welcome: We have 26 new rookie cowboys and cowgirls this year and 18 members who have taken advantage of the high school membership program.

Cowboy Magic: Be sure and read the note from Miss URA in the June newsletter for news on the new program from our great sponsors at Cowboy Magic.               

Finals Cutoff: The cutoff for finals will be Oct. 5th at the conclusion of the Eureka, MO rodeo.

Note Entry Dates: Many of the fourth of July rodeos have early entry dates, check the listings carefully.

News Update - May 22

Calf Roping and Barrel Racing Jackpot -- The 25th annual Gerald Hazelbaker Memorial Day Calf Roping and Barrel Racing will be held Monday, May 26 at the Uniontown, KS Saddle Club Arena. The arena is located one mile south of US Hwy 54 on Kansas Hwy 3. Barrel racing will begin at 1 p.m. and each run is $25 or $5 for an exhibition. The calf roping will not begin before 2 p.m. Entry fees for the 3-head roping are $140 per man. Breakaway roping for girls, women and boys ages 13 and under will follow the calf roping. Entry fees for the two-head breakaway jackpot are $50. In case of rain, it will be moved to the Twisters Arena, 3.5 miles west of Fort Scott on Hwy 54. For more information, contact Glenn Smith at 620-756-4676 or Doug Hazelbaker at 620-756-4117.

NEWS Update - April 30


Remember: Judging Clinic May 3rd at Raymore, MO. Contact Larry Gregory for more information.

News Update – April 6

Looking Ahead: Rodeo approvals are coming into the office, keep checking the website for more listings

Judging Clinics: Larry Gregory will be putting on a judging clinic April 12 at Bethany, MO. He is also doing a clinic May 3rd at Raymore, MO at McKellips’ home. It will start at 9am. Please call Larry @ 816-657-3437 for more information. Remember ALL judges must attend a clinic and all first approved URA rodeos must use URA approved judges.

Welcome: to our new contractors: Diamond S Productions, Barnard, MO and Williams and Long Rodeo Co., Cambridge, KS. Look for their rodeo listings soon on the website.

Bull Riding School: TNT Ranch and Rodeo Co. is offering a bullriding school May 23-25. Check out the flyer on the website for more information or call Terry @ 573-248-9334

2008 Finals: The 2008 URA finals will be Nov. 6-8 at Topeka, KS. The board made this decision so everyone can start now getting sponsors and planning for the 2008 finals.

Newsletter: The Board is asking members, on a voluntary basis, to receive their newsletters by email. The newsletter will be received in a printable form. The benefits to receiving the newsletter by email ensure the newsletter will arrive in a timely manner, on the first day of each month. It will be the exact newsletter that will be mailed to members who do not participate in the email option. In addition, any immediate information or new rodeo sanctions will be emailed as well. If you wish to participate in this program please send an email to Muff at

High School membership program: Remind any members of their state high school rodeo association that the URA offers a free membership to them the first year that they join the URA. This is a great program and last year we had several contestants take advantage of it.

Dues Increase: Remind your friends that membership dues increase to $85 as of May 1st.

News Update - Feb. 24

Bullriding and Saddle Bronc Riding Schools:

Heartland Rodeo Co. is offering a saddle bronc riding school on April 11-13. Click here for more details

TNT Ranch is offering a Bull Riding School May 23-25. Click here for more details.

Congratulations: Ryan and Kim Spurgin announce the arrival of Clair Austyn January 26. She weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces and was 21 inches long. Congrats to Mom, Dad, and of course to Grandma Pam and Grandpa Danny.

News Update - Feb. 11

New rodeos - The 2008 rodeo list has been updated, with rodeos as early as March 21-22. Be sure to check out the Schedule page for new approvals.

News Update - Jan. 29

High School Information - The URA is pleased to announce that the high school membership program will continue in 2008. For information on the program, visit the High School Membership Program page on this site.

News Updates - Jan. 25

New Arrival - Jhett Durant Maxwell was born on December 30, 2007, to Randy and Tiffani Maxwell. He weighed 7lbs 1 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. Everyone is doing great.

Leeper Benefit - There will be a benefit soup supper and wheelchair rodeo for Anita Leeper, mother of URA saddle bronc rider Andrew Leeper of Leon, Iowa, on Friday, Feb. 29 at the Central Decatur High School Commons. For more information, click here to see the flyer.

Judging Clinic - The judging clinic previously scheduled for Feb. 9 has been cancelled.

News Update - Nov. 26

Memorial Rodeo - Plaques will be awarded to the winners in each event plus buckles will be awarded to the winners in the bull riding and the barrel racing at the Dec. 15 Cody Brunner Memorial Rodeo in Topeka. It will have $125 added per event. Stay tuned to the web site for more details.

News Update - Nov. 19

Memorial Rodeo - The Cody Brunner Memorial Rodeo at Columbia, MO was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who helped out during the day.

Another benefit rodeo will be held on Dec. 15 at Topeka, KS on the Expocentre grounds in the R.R. Domer Arena.

This will be a one day rodeo with a minimum of $100 added per event, it could be more. Entries will be taken by Regan on Dec. 10th from 6 to 9 pm. There will be designated slack at 10 that morning. This is an opportunity for the Topeka community to show their support for the Cody Brunner Memorial Fund.

Our President, Clint Tatum, is taking care of organizing this rodeo so contact Clint if you can help out. It will take the cooperation of everyone to make this rodeo work.

Be sure and look at our sponsors page, we have added a link to DC Designs who did our awesome buckles this year. They even donated a buckle on very short notice for the champion bull rider at Columbia. There was a split in the bull riding and the bull riders gave the buckle to Cody’s mom.

Keep checking here for more information as it becomes available on the Cody Brunner Memorial Rodeo in Topeka.

News Update - Nov. 14

Diercks Recovery - Bullrider Jake Diercks was injured in the second go-round of Finals, when he broke his arm after placing in the round. The injury also damaged nerves and required surgery. Jake is doing good but is still in the hospital in Rochester, MN. Plans are for him to be released on Friday, Nov. 16th. His phone number at the hospital is 507-255-5123 room Francis 6, 139.

Memorial Rodeo - A Cody Brunner Memorial Rodeo is set for Sunday, Nov. 18 at Midway Expo Center near Columbia, MO. Visit the CR McKellips Rodeo Company web site,, for more information on the rodeo and a list of items that have been donated for the auction.

Joshua J. 'Cody' Brunner

Joshua James "Cody" Brunner, 21, Warrensburg, Mo., passed away Saturday, Nov. 3, 2007, in a bull riding accident.

Cody was born September 26, 1986, in Independence, Mo., the son of Chris L. and Bridget S. (Schooley) Brunner. He graduated from William Chrisman High School in 2005. He worked for Shippy Custom Homes.

He was a member of the National Federation of Bull Riders, the United Rodeo Association and the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association.

Cody was an avid bull rider, fisherman and hunter.

He was preceded in death by Grandpa Daniel Schooley, Great-aunt Susie Macan, a cousin, Bob Bonjour, and Grandma Arline Earley.

News Update - Nov. 7

Brunner Family - Cards and donations to help with funeral expenses may be sent to the family of Cody Brunner in care of the New Salem Funeral Home, 1823 N. Blue Mills Rd., Independence, MO 64058.

Memorial Rodeo - A Cody Brunner Memorial Rodeo has been scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 18, at the Midway Expo Center outside of Columbia, MO. More information appears on the Schedule page. Books will open on Nov. 12.

News Update - Nov. 5

Brunner Arrangements - The family and friends of Cody Brunner will gather from 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 8 at the New Salem Funeral Home in Independence, MO. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, Nov. 9 at the funeral home, located at 1823 N. Blue Mills Road in Independence, MO. That address can be found north of US Hwy 24 between Hwy 291 and Hwy 7.

This site will be updated tomorrow regarding memorial funds and other donation opportunities.

News Update - Nov. 4

Tragedy - The thoughts and prayers of the entire URA are with the family of Cody Brunner, who suffered fatal injuries after making a qualified bull ride on Saturday night. Cody was 21 years old. More details will be posted as they become available. Please keep the family in your prayers.

New President - Clint Tatum was elected President during Saturday's general membership meeting. Several other directors were elected, including Chance Vick (bareback riding), Clint Hamaker (steer wrestling), and Bret Griffin (bull riding).

News Update - Nov. 2

Finals Rodeo - The first go-round is in the books, and in just two days the entire finals will be complete. Round results and recaps are being posted after each go, so check out the 2007 Finals page for the links. First go-round results and recap

News Update - Oct. 11

Finals Call-In - Call in is Sunday, Oct. 14 and Monday Oct. 15 from 5 -9pm at 620-625-2566. You must call in to be entered in finals. Entry fees of $270 are due in the office by Oct. 22nd.

Finals Page - Check out the new 2007 Finals page - It contains a list of Finals personnel and a schedule of events for the weekend.

News Update - Sept. 27

Results - All rodeo results have been uploaded to the results page. The page now has all of the 2007 regular season rodeos and their results.

More Rule Changes - Several more rule changes have been added to the list on this page. Scroll down to check them out and see what we'll be voting on at the general membership meeting in November.

News Update - Sept. 24

Standings - The standings page has been updated with standings current before finals. These standings include all 2007 rodeos.

News Update - Sept. 14

New Rodeo - CR McKellips has announced that they will have a rodeo at Burlington, Kansas, on Oct. 5 and 6. Burlington is located 30 miles south of the I-35 and US 75 junction. Books for the URA/MRCA rodeo, which adds $100 per event, will be open on Oct. 1.

More Rule Change Proposals - Several more rule change proposals have come into the office, and they have been added to the list below.

News Update - Sept. 4

Rule Change Proposals -- These are the rule change proposals so far, Proposals are due into the URA office by Sept. 15 for publication in the October newsletter. They will be voted on at the general membership meeting Nov. 3, 2007.

1. Change Membership and Dues, rule 1, page 6.

Delete All membership cards will be purchased through the U.R.A. office, new memberships, renewals of memberships which have lapsed, and renewals forwarded to the U.R.A. office by a rodeo secretary will become effective as of the postmark on the envelope. Points will count only if the card purchase date is on or before the entry date of a rodeo. 

Change rule to read:  Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors and approved by majority vote of those members in good standing at the annual Fall General Membership meeting. (adding) Cards will be dated effective the date they are received in the U.R.A. office unless they are sent in with rodeo results, they will then be dated the date of the first performance of that rodeo.

Submitted by:  Regan McKellips

2. Under general rough stock rules:

add 17.  All persons opening chute gates in rough stock events shall be members of the Association and/or approved by an event director or director in a co-approving association. Contestants may choose own gate man that is not a member of the association if he feels assigned gateman is not qualified or experienced enough.

Submitted by Joel Harbin

3. Rule change in steer wrestling: 

1.  Length of the barrier equals depth of the dogging box less six (6) fee, barrier shall not exceed one foot per each seven yards (21 feet) of arena length, unless so authorized by a Director. Maximum of twelve (12) feet and a minimum of five (5) feet. All boxes must have an enclosed back.

Note:  This only affects short arenas less than 220 feet and gives everyone a more fair chance to catch an animal.

Submitted by Joel Harbin

4. Proposed rule change to Payoff: 

Change payoff from being based on number of contestants to:  Amount of prize money in purse including added money minus association and judges fees, stock charge, etc…

Proposed payoff scale:

$100-$249       Pay 2 monies (60, 40%)

$250-$499       Pay 3 monies (50, 30, 20%)

$500-$999       Pay 4 monies (40, 30, 20, 10%)

$1000-$1799   pay 5 monies (30, 25, 20, 25, 10%)

$1800-$2600   pay 6 monies (29, 24, 19, 14, 9, 5%)

$2601 or more pay 8 monies (26,20,15,12,10,8,6,3%)

This proposed change would not affect the average payoff at most events. Events with less than 9 contestants and $200 added would see a change of 1 placing (3 instead of 2). This would also even out the payoff if you have $500 added money and only 6 contestants From paying 2 places at                                                         1st        $498

                                                            2nd        $332

To paying out 4 places at                      1st        $332

                                                            2nd        $249

                                                            3rd        $166

                                                            4th        $83

Submitted by Joel Harbin

5. In rough stock events:  

Add;  Any rodeo that has less than 10 contestants in a rough stock event will get two head of stock “Back to Back” in the same performance. There can be a “Back to Back with best score.” The best score of the 2 rides is paid with normal entry fee.

Or “Back to Back average” where the entry fee is doubled and 2 go rounds an an average is paid.

The contractor or committee will advertise which type of Back to Back will be used.

The stock contractor or committee will list the possibility of “Back to Back” in the rodeo listings. A contestant will have 24 hours after books close to call back whether there is a “Back to Back”.

Justification:  To have more rough stock in performances at rodeos, and possible increase earnings of rough stock contestants.

Submitted by :  Ron Bever

6. Slack after:

If the total number of contestants in slack after is equal or more than the total number of contestants in all events during a rodeo performance the slack will be considered the same as designated slack and day money and judges fees will be paid as in designated slack.

Justification:  To encourage more designated slacks at times that might benefit contestants. Maybe reduce the number of late night slacks at a one performance rodeo, and make payment for judges and day money more equitable.

Submitted by :  Ron Bever

7. Judges evaluation by top 15 contestants in events at finals

A simple evaluation sheet to be completed by the top 15 in each event at the Finals and Association Contractors of all judges on the association approved list just prior to or during the finals. The evaluation would be shared with each individual judge, the judges director and the Board.

The evaluation would include a simple rating system and evaluate: Bareback event,  Saddle Bronc event, Bull Riding event, Flagging each timed event, judging the score line in each timed event and setting up and flagging the barrel race.

Justification:  To improve URA judges and find areas that might need improvement by individual judges or all judges.

Submitted by :  Ron Bever

8. Proposed Rule Changes:

All proposed rule changes should be run in at least one newsletter before they are voted on by the Board or membership.

Justification:  This will allow all members the opportunity to give input and vote with time to evaluate the change prior to the vote.

Submitted by :  Ron Bever

9. Steer Wrestling first:

The Steer Wrestling should be the first timed event.

Justification:  Because some ground conditions and set ups can cause holes or bad footing for the steer wrestler after calf roping, break away, barrel racing or even team roping that could cause the increased likelihood of hurting a knee, foot, or leg. This is just a safety concern.

Submitted by :  Ron Bever

10. “Run” open calf roping and Over 40 calf roping as separate events.

This means a section of open calf roping and a separate section of Over 40 calf roping..

Justification:  Because we allow a contestant to enter both this will allow a split. In case there may be 2 separate pens of cattle for a more even draw. It makes the crowd more aware of the difference in the 2 roping events.

Submitted by :  Ron Bever

11. Recognize the timed event stock awards separately:

The URA recognizes the timed event stock awards separately each event: open calf roping, over 40 calf roping, steer wrestling, breakaway and team roping, instead of giving out one award for best timed event cattle.

Justification:  This give more recognition to stock contractors. It encourages the best in all timed event stock and allows the award to be more representative of all timed events.

Submitted by :  Ron Bever

12.  Do not allow calf ropers to enter the open and the forty and over calf roping at the same rodeo.

Submitted by: Barry Wright

13.  Add:  A calf roper should not be disqualified for taking his rope off the calf when his horse walks up and over the rope. The rope will not train on his horse.

Submitted by:  Bill Stahmer

14:  Change Over Forty Calf Roping:  The age should be changed from 40 to 45 years old.

Justification:  Too many PRCA contestants are over 40 now and working or roping the event. There should not be any PRCA contestants working the over 40 or 45.

Submitted by:  Bill Stahmer

15:  Add:  Any director missing two or more meetings in one year without family emergency or sickness will have to pay their alternate the money for attending the meeting.

Submitted by: Dave Cannon

16.  Change Pg. 22, Rule 1:  All judges and flagman at a URA first approved rodeo must be URA approved judges and must hold current URA membership.

Delete from the rule: At least one judge must hold URA membership at a co-approved rodeo.

Submitted by Larry Gregory

17.  Change Pg. 22, Rule 1A to read:  Persons must take a URA judging test and pass it each year to be an approved judge and attend URA judging clinic annually. The test will be give at the clinic.

Delete from the rule: except for judges covered in the other part of this rules. Experienced judges of five years or more with continued URA membership will be exempt from attending judging clinics. Every three years the board will review the experienced judges to determine continued eligibility.

Submitted by: Larry Gregory

18.  In the timed events (except the barrel racing) time to the hundredths then round to the nearest tenth. Example: 10.57 would become 10.6 and 10.52 would become 10.6.

submitted by:  Larry Holt

19.  In the Calf roping and the Forty and Over Calf Roping, the judge must show the stopwatch to the contestant at the request of the contestant.

submitted by: Mike Glover

20.  In the Steer Wrestling and in the Team Roping, allowed one hazer, not over 25 feet in front of the box.

            a. A Hazer on the line must not come in physical contact with or throw any object(s) at the steer under penalty of disqualification of the roper.

            b: This is same hazer rule in the Calf roping and the Forty and over Calf Roping, with the same wording.

submitted by: Mike Glover

21.  If entry is taken after close of books or after positions are drawn, that entry must go to the top of the list, except for the Barrel Racing.

submitted by: Mike Glover

22. Minutes from board meetings to be published in next newsletter.

submitted by: Mike Glover

23. If fireworks are going to be shot before, during, or after a rodeo it must be posted with the draw when and where they will be shot.

submitted by: Jana Hazelbaker

24. Add:  Proposed rules pertaining to a specific event can only be voted on by contestants of that event.

Justification: Allowing only contestants of the specific event to vote on a proposed rule will allow those impacted by the rule to have the majority say. This will allow better and more applicable event specific rules.

submitted by: Mark Driskell

25.  Entry Fees should be lower on rodeos with $300 added and more.

They are too high especially on $500-700 added money rodeos. I think the fees are up and down too much. (Example $50-$79). A comparison would be to the ACRAs or other associations. Fees on a $500-750 ACRA rodeo are $55 straight across.

submitted by: Rick Morgan

26. Payoff proposal for steer wrestling:  lower payoff scale per entries especially between 10-20 and 21-30: Example 11-20 should pay four holes and 21-30 pay five holes with $400 to $750 added rodeos.

submitted by: Rick Morgan

27. Change pg. 16, rule 1: Change to read for all timed events only (leave the rough stock events separate) 1. Entry fees in ALL timed events shall be according to added money in the following scale:

            up to $275 added -    $40 entry fee

            $276 - $499 added -    $50 entry fee

            $500 – and up added -            $60 entry fee

submitted by: Missy Bennett

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